Onwards and Upwards

May 12, 2018

The place, Littlehampton more specifically Rustington Travelodge. The time early-ish. The sun was just coming through the curtains highlighting all the little holes in the fabric. State of mind, happy but tired as it had been quite an intense chat the night before. The M27 was closed and rather than taking the hour it was close on 2 to get back from the far side of Southampton, and the birds were letting loose with their morning get lost this is mine songs, and I was reflecting on a whole number of different aspects that had been covered.

I had met with Mike Browne of YouTube fame, immediately breaking my own rule of never meeting someone from the internet, but I needed help, The sort of help from a professional photographer who has worked in the industry. I hoped he could shed some light on the stalling start my fledgeling career in photography was taking.  If this was the first time I had tried this, probably I would not be concerned but this is now the third attempt and yes it is easier to start, set up a website, Have a facebook account, Instagram, get known. Does this bring business in? No, it does not. So here we are talking about the business, social media, Weddings, and my chosen genre, which is the second most difficult genre to break into.

I keep having these phrases like “fake it until you make it” and “If you don’t try you will never succeed” point is that while they are brilliant at boosting you for 10 – 15 minutes along term goal needs more than this. It needs dedication, deep down confidence. I know of one person, not in photography, that has made it. I look at him. He has less experience in this chosen industry than me and less time in his chosen role. However due to his astounding amount of confidence he has made it to an exalted position. Even though some of the things he does are rubbish.

I look at images taken by some so-called professional photographers and know that I can do better, They are known though and that’s the real issue they may produce some substandard work but they are already out there so get rave reviews. It could be said that I am just another person with a camera trying to earn some money from it. Like I said I have the requisites already. Camera, website etc.  Just another wannabe photographer.

Now here is the real rub. I don’t spend any money on this than I would if it were not a business. There is no debt associated with all of this. I own all my equipment. Most of which was bought second hand. So it does not really financially cost me anything.  It can keep going as long as I want it to. The only cost is time and let’s face it, I love being in the wilds so that is a bonus for me.

Facebook advertising costs a small amount just really for presence sake.

One day I will make it, one day I will be known, one day you will be seeing my prints in galleries, and one day you will be buying them, one day I will be teaching how to take a good image.

Onwards and Upwards


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