A Childs Eyes

April 19, 2019

I have come across this phrase a number of times and despite reading it and thinking I understood it I never really did. This last week or so has been Interesting. I have picked up my camera again and with a couple of other issues really enjoyed the work I have produced.

I got round to thinking about things and how I see them, why my partner gets bored walking and, I also asked why everyone seems to be so set on a particular course.

A child does not have filters on their eyes when they look at the world, everything is fresh and the first time, everything is exciting and new, As we get older the filters drop into place, We are constantly asked what is we are doing why we are saying things, judging, and normally getting it wrong. I have customers who ask why we can’t offer something different, they see the same product every day but forget that their customers see it once or twice in a month.

So removing the filters and stopping the constant analysis of life helps to get back to seeing.

Let me ask, last time you were outside how many greens did you see. How many different shades of green did you see in one tree. Did you see how the light changed depending on where you stood. Did you stop and just look and appriciate the tree like you did when you were a child and, just enjoy it, or did you just say, its a tree.

The filters aren’t a bad thing they protect us from the rubbish that swirl about its just they are always there I think everyone knows they have them and everyone wants to remove them and everyone wants to escape but they feel they can’t because of money, prestige, they don’t just enjoy the time unless they use it as a reason to have one up. “We had a weekend in the country, it was lovely, we would love to move there but is not possible we must go back” Monday morning comes around the filters go back a tree becomes a tree and the plastic goes in the bin.

I am not advocating being a child all I ask is when you point your camera don’t forget the filters and learn to look beyond to the child that found everything exciting and fresh.

Have a good week.

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