A New Year

January 22, 2019

2019 Came in with a bit of a bump. Not for any other reason than I realised several months of intense work and 2018 was over. Everthing I had set out to do, not done, all the things I had to do, you know the ones, they pay the bills etc, done and completed.

Both Cameras languished in my bag gathering dust as the months rolled by, even this site got left, I forgot the pass word and had to call on expert help to get it back.

What changed was the commision I got at the end of the year. A wedding. Never done a wedding before, but this one seemed to go OK. I enjoyed bossing people about for a few hours, and all was good.

More importantly once I had got over the “the shots aren’t good enough” and sleepless nights worrying it reinvigorated me back to where I had left in May. Instagram followers had fallen away a bit but not to crisis levels. Facebook nothing seems to affect face book still getting enough likes to cover the dislikes.

All good!

Well yes and no. The same set of problems reared themselves. I am in a better position now than I was a year ago, Thats good. Same set of questions keep rolling around though and I have a way of extracting and answer to them which is also good. However the stark realisation that I can not just walk away from my day job is now clear, not yet anyway. But I can do more and will do more to get where I am going.

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