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July 08, 2019
About This Image

Fire In The Sky


About This Image.

On the evening of the hottest day of the year I decided to go out with my gear to take an image. The sky was clear and the image I wanted required very low sunlight. The Low sun picks out all the branches of the trees with a red hue that looks stunning.

I live not far from a river and the lock that is there is fairly heavily used, but I thought it would be worth a visit even so just in case. However at the time I got there the sun was still too high in the sky and nothing really caught my eye. Also there are a number of signs and other furniture that we, as humans enjoy scattering around.

I continued walking. About a mile or so from my house there is a small beach. This would probably give the impression of sweeping scathes of sand. Not really, more 10 foot of sand about 18″ deep. A normal hang out for everyone.

My walk there was tempered with the knowledge that there was someone there, also there were some clouds rolling in and this was going to an effect on the images I took. Not only the position of the sun but also not being able to plant my tripod where I wanted it.

As I looked towards the rapidly vanishing Sun I saw that the rear of the clouds were all broken and it gave the effect of the earth being on fire. I took a couple of other images initailly but could not get want I wanted from this scene.

Walking further into the field the effect of the sun became even more pronounced however I needed something. Fortunately the farmer had recently bailed the hay and left them in the field.

So what we have here is a hurridly taken image with ISO 1600. and a 4 stop grad filter. Now before we get to all the howls of derision over the ISO. I had been using the camera the night before in near darkness and had forgotten to change it back.

Not the best shot but this effect was sufficiently unusual to warrant the image. The suns rays are entirely natural. I’m not that good with photoshop

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