Adding Value

April 05, 2021

Adding Value

In the process of looking at my photography and life for this blog, it apparently has to add value for, you, the reader. Teach you something or give an insight you might find useful something, be worth something to you personally.

So, I thought, what do my hikes along the river add to your life. What value do they bring? How do they make a difference in your life?

How does me, taking an image, make your life more complete? What does it teach you about how to use the camera? Or, for that matter writing about the sound of the wind. I am not being sarcastic here, these are genuine questions that I have asked myself. Basically, what have I done to make you come back here?

The somewhat wry smile on my face says it all. Unless I tell you how to do something it doesn’t. Or does it? I watch youtube and follow only 3 photographers now I could tell you who they were, and your comment may be that you hate them. Fair enough but why do you choose who you choose. 


What makes you choose who you follow? After all, it’s a personal choice. You’re interested enough in their lives that you want to know more. Either through the presentation of the topic or the video itself, they impart something to you. Like I say, I can recommend some things to watch but they may not be of any interest to you.

What equipment do you use? Are you going to change just because I use Nikon and you use Sony? Really doubt it. So, telling you about Nikon is a waste of time unless you’re curious about my life. The same with lenses. What I use may well be totally different from what you use because I see things in a different way.

Of course, there are general rules but unless you stumble on this by accident someone will have told you. It goes without saying if you are curious about my choice then you can ask. You won’t though.

I write about the outdoors because I see it differently from you. I like getting away from everyone and just being. It’s my “happy place”.


I hope this is where the value comes in. You may be stuck, sorry live, in a town and can’t get out. You may crave for someone to write about the outdoors. It may be of value to you to know how deep the floods are or how the river is my constant companion and how it changes. How sticky the mud is. I know these are all simple things but sometimes it’s these simple things that count.

I feel people get lost in the rush for the latest and best with all the gizmos but forget how to look. How to feel and, most importantly, how to tell the story of what they see, feel and hear.


The problem with photography, like all forms of art, and yes, photography is an art form, it is highly personal and extremely subjective. Very much in the photographer’s mind. They bring their perspective, thoughts, feelings and experiences to the table to take an image and no two can be the same as they come from entirely different places.

In order to follow the unwritten rule and add value let me finish with the following.

Slow down. Take 5 minutes out and enjoy where you are. Use all your senses. Really lookout for subjects. Not just cast a cursory glance. Listen to the noises around you. Traffic is the bane of my life, but you can filter it out. Feel the grass and trees. Smell the cut grass or damp vegetation.

Breathe deeply and fully. You will never get this time back so really relish it.

As always thank you for reading this far. I have an Instagram page HERE feel free to have a look and critique the images to your heart’s content.


The three YouTubers are. Morton Hilmer, Ben Horne and Gavin Hardcastle aka Fototripper. Click on their names to go to their channels



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