Age, The Inner Child

November 22, 2021

Alien worlds



Remember this “Grow up and act your age!” “Don’t be a child and jump in puddles”. Or, perhaps later in life.“You have to make something of your life; Be Someone. Do something”


A Trade

At what stage do we trade our life away to the office, work and proving to others how clever we are. When does the pursuit of money, fame, and a bigger house change who we were to what we are? I am not suggesting for one moment that we should all spend our lives on the beach, although that would not be so bad, we do need to pay the bills, but have we sold our souls for very little. In the process have we all lost our sense of wonder?

A Childs View

What has any of this got to do with photography and why does it matter. The sense of wonder that we had as children allowed us to be fascinated by little things. Leverets, Kits and other animals were all interesting and as you get older, they become cute and we pass them by sometimes with a glance sometimes under the wheels of our fast and expensive cars. The point is they were interesting and, in the rush, to become someone that sense of awe we had as children gets lost and so does the landscape and more importantly the environment. We lose the ability to be awestruck by magnificent mountains and the sea. We lose sight of the important stuff.

In trying to take, really, significant images we travel to the ends of the world getting more and “better” dramatic images leaving behind the simple stuff and sometimes, for a moment, we remember what it was to be a child and be awestruck again and then move on.

Losing Sight

I contend that in this chase for more and more dramatic images we get caught up and stop seeing what is in front of our faces and only see the dramatic the “awe-inspiring”. We forget mood, simplicity, emotion, I think we lose out. The flip side of this. If everyone else is so busy being busy and can’t get out. It means that more of this simple stuff is out there for me and I won’t get disturbed by the man shouting orders down the phone when he is supposed to be on holiday but takes the work phone….” just in case” Really? They can’t manage without you even for a day. But while you’re on the phone. You miss the blue streak of a kingfisher. You may miss the Barn owl pouncing or the sparrows arguing in the hedge. Who cares about sparrows they are 10 a penny.


But this is my point. You miss so much being so heavily involved in being an adult. Yes, you have to be responsible. Pay the bills, put food on the table. But where does it stop? Where does this get in the way of your photography because John at work can’t function? Is the next pound so important? The next 1% of growth.


To put the record straight I have been that person. So driven to get the next sale. To become someone who was respected by my peers. Until someone said to me. “You don’t point out things to me anymore” The stuff that was important to me was being pushed aside in the rush to buy the bigger house, the faster car, and the best phone. For a while, I had it all. It was all-consuming. Now. I would rather see sparrow argue and take simple images that reflect my love of the landscape.


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