July 20, 2020


If you have followed this blog, website, or for that matter my Instagram feed you will have noticed some changes over the past few weeks. This is a direct result of COVID 19 and the huge amount of free time I have had as a result of Lockdown.

Starting at the beginning

I have a new brand logo. Don’t know why but it seemed important for a distinctive brand logo to be more apparent for all my sites. It gives a continuity overall site, Facebook, Instagram and this website. Just seemed important for me as a person and a photographer. While I liked the last one this one, I feel represents me far better and I am far happier with it.

New website.

The last website was five years old and had been built slowly with stuff added to it on a very ad hoc way. As a result, it was cumbersome to use, difficult to find and add stuff to a bit slow at times and needed an overhaul. I could have gone to Squarespace who seem to be advertising everywhere but Why have a marketing expert and not use him. New one from what I have seen so far is much better. Slicker faster and easier to find things on.

New shop.

This is something I have wanted for some time now. Partly because I want to sell the odd print to at least make it look like I am making an effort to make some money and partly because it’s cool. No, I want to give people the opportunity to purchase prints that are unique. All images will be a limited print run, between 25 and 50, once they have gone will never be printed again. So, customers will have something that will be extremely difficult to reproduce.


These are still under development but will be up and running within the next couple of months, depending on when I post this which should be in about a week or so. The first one will be a beginner’s course. It will be very competitively priced!


I mentioned this in the last post about having some goals in place. Sorry, not going to list them here. I have 5 distinct goals and I know what each of them looks like. I will know when I have achieved them. No more messing about with airy-fairy ideas. Clear concise goals that can be measured, timed and quantified. On the piece of paper, there are on there is a gap between here and now, and then. That gap represents how I am going to achieve them. Because nothing is written there yet it should give an idea of my plans, or lack of them. To be honest I haven’t a clue on how I will get there, but the journey has started.


I have a number of projects I want to move forward with. One very special one that is under discussion and will take some time to come to fruition but is really awesome.


So, it’s all very exciting.


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