Curiosity, a venture into the unknown

July 19, 2021

Bed got the better of curiosity so I missed the chance of this
Mist rolling off the land at dawn June 2020

There is a certain curiosity about my life. Looking behind the rock or going around the next corner to see what is there. Sometimes that gets me into trouble sometimes not. Sometimes wet, cold and miserable. But one thing I can say is that it is always fun.

Mistakes are learning opportunities. I make plenty of those. Turning left and sinking into a bog. Turning right and finding a house where there shouldn’t be. Worse, staying in when I should go out.

This morning

This morning’s dawn was at 4.44 I was up at 3.30 looking out the window at the slowly brightening sky. Pondering whether to go out or stay in. The bed was calling and that is always a problem. The warmth and comfort indoors are really enticing and can sometimes beat the cold and damp of the morning hike.

Curiosity didn’t get the better of me.

I miss going, the fog rolling over the land and seeming to boil, rising of the river, golden in the early morning light. I miss the solitude. Particularly this morning when I know that the only people that will be around are semi-comatose after the win last night. I miss the bird song that pervades the morning and little squabbles between small brown birds that I should know, but in the light are little more than silhouettes. The random slash as a Tern drops into the river to rise with or without a fish.


I miss the sunrise. The eruption of light over the land and in particular the sky. That ever-changing canvas of shape colour and hue. From the deepest blue to the brightest orange and yellow. It never fails to make me stand in awe.

So, I may have missed all this. However, though I might not have done and then I would have regretted not staying in bed.

Decisions always difficult and only a 50% chance of them being right. This leads me to the next question. How do you know?

With exposure, there is only one correct answer to get it bang on but with focus and composition how do you know? What looks right to me may look like a confusing blur to you and vice versa. Do you stick blindly to the rules and hope or break them and hope?

Back to mistakes and wrong turns. If you love your images, it does not matter what I or anybody else thinks. They are good images for you and in the end, that is what matters. So, let curiosity take you. Get out of bed go to your favourite haunt and take the images you want to take.

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