The past few days

February 08, 2021

The Past few days.

It’s interesting how the river level goes up and down. The floodwaters that I had thought were receding in recent days have now come back again with vengeance. All my normal paths are once more underwater. This means that rather than enjoying my walks I just have to do them.

Nature Reserve

I fought my way to the nature reserve today. All routes in being flooded some difficult to negotiate some passable with the risk of death but I needed to escape the bonds of lockdown and the house. Technically, it is local only being about 2 miles away.

Because it is now so awkward to get there it is very, very peaceful. No crowds of people milling around. All the lakes were high, the reeds semi-submerged in water but all the birds were close to the main track so I saw stuff I don’t normally see. It made for a very nice afternoon, just ambling around with no set goal. Of course, doing this, the days sail past but I need time away from this PC and the endless barrage of pointless TV. Escapism? Yes; it is.

The difference between connection and just doing.

Walking in the countryside I feel alive and part of something. Walking in town is just, well walking. I have made comments about being part of or just visiting before and now I understand this a little better.

There are some first-rate photographers that do some epic shots. There are some extraordinary photographers that take extraordinary shots. Now, what is the difference?

I believe one photographer looks at the image for the sake of the image, the other looks at the image for the sake of the landscape and the story it tells. In the same way that there is walking and walking. One is just exercising the other is a little more, both are exercise it’s just one feels more complete and takes longer and is more involved than the other. It is a subtle but important difference.

It’s not a case of one being better than the other in terms of technical ability. The focus and exposure blended image are good and very often captures the magnificence of the area. But I have to ask if spending so much time getting the perfect composition and doing all the blending takes something away from the image in terms of how it feels. Do they lose the story in the hunt for a good image?

Punctum and Studium

Stunning image after stunning image all with no real meaning, then one that stands out. Not because it is stunning, not because it has been stacked and blended, quite the opposite. The image is slightly out of focus because of the depth of field. There is a little movement in the leaves. The exposure is a fraction out. But with all the imperfections it tells us something of the time, the place how the photographer was feeling. What the weather was doing why he was there at that moment and the movement of the land around him.

This is a question I constantly ask myself when I look at other people’s work and see that I have similar images and they get a better response than mine. What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? And How can I get better? Is it really a case of content over substance?

These are all important questions, but it is also important not to overthink them and allow yourself to feel as well as see. This may mean you get an image that is not visually blowing your mind but tells a story, long after the blazing sunrise has gone these stay and remind you of that time and place. The peace and quiet of the moment.

If I had one wish it would be the floodwaters, go down and I can spend my days here set up with my kit doing something more constructive.

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