Dividing Lines

April 08, 2018

A short distance from my house lies the River Ouse. Walking along it there is a small wooden bridge, quite unspectacular in its own way, all it does is cross a stream to one side it is overgrown the other goes to the river, but to my mind, it is a line. A dividing line between work, family, day to day responsibilities, the difference between civilisation and wilderness, not a proper wilderness but the start, which gives a huge sense of freedom.

This strange feeling is not just at this point but there are others that are more profound. The M5 as it tracks over the river Avon at Britolcarries on South West until the bay of the River Seven comes into view, this looks over Weston Super Mare and gives an audible sigh of relief as if all the problems of the day, month, or that time have vanished. Obviously, they haven’t but the feeling again is an immense feeling of freedom.

Outside of my photography have a hectic life, meeting targets, family responsibilities, driving and traffic jams, all aspects of day to day life that crowd in on us that need a balance. So the freedom that comes from these invisible lines is invaluable. They allow me space to breathe, to get away from all the hassle and concentrate on my passion. Looking at the world through a set of eyes that has time to register what is happening. 

It allows me to be creative and give time to the images I take, taking time to look at the countryside debating what will end up in the image and what will be left out. sometimes I come back with a lot of rubbish and sometimes I have a couple of keepers.

But this is not the issue it is having time to look think and walk and most importantly enjoy the time away. I am happy to say that I am not the best photographer and that I produce hundreds of poor images that simply do not work out and really should delete them but they are a record of this time.

The question I have for you is where are your lines and how do you use them?

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