First Day of Autumn

September 30, 2019

I Love this time of year. The First Day of Autumn. Officially, as I write this it is the 21 September and is the Autumn Equinox and heralds shortening of days longer nights and the start of a colder time of year.

I am sat next to the river again. It feels different. Each day always feels different as the season’s move. Days change but tonight it feels palpable.


A light grey monotone covering of cloud has rolled in and fills the sky reflecting my mood. A light drizzle falls like a mist. Damp and cold, not cold but something permeates body and soul.

The river continues its way sluggishly in the half-light. Ripples caused by the sluice move along with the flow. A heron stalks the shallows it’s grey plumage almost lost in the gloom, a kingfisher flits around looking for a roost.


Its only 7.30 but already the light is failing half brought in by the gloom. twi weeks ago the sun was out and we were dressed in teeshirts tonight. Hoodies and waterproofs are the order of the day. A time for woodburing stoves inside a warm room. Feet up with a beer.

The River

The river look drab, the trees heavy leaves weighed down by the soft rain. Colours are rich but muted in the drizzle sounds are half hearted. Subtle reflections from the lights on the lock play on the surface of the water, now churned up by a breeze.

The same breeze stirs the trees water falls from the leaves. The mist swirls around the small, almost translucent gnats that fly just over my head.

The Past

We have memories of crisp autumn days. Our breath steaming in the cold wrappe dup in scarves. Kcking the fallen leaves hoare frost on the bare branches.

I was once told that living in the fens was like rotting from the feet up. I think he missed the point. Mist hanging on the reeds. Dew on spiders webs the silnce created by dnese cold air. Lone bird song, again.

East Anglia is beautiful. Not Everyone sees it, but those that do know what its has hidden.


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