Hiking trip (eqipment I take)

August 09, 2021

Off on a hiking trip, with my camera so what do I take.

The Camera Gear.

This is probably the easiest to deal with.


Large and comfortable needs to take, not just my camera gear but stuff for the Hike as well. I have 2 one smaller and one larger. If it is a day hike, I take the larger just so I can get more in it.


I take 2 Nikon bodies and 3 batteries make sure they are all charged up before I leave. Both bodies are fitted with L brackets fit onto my tripod. This is a pain I know I dislike carrying it, but it holds the cameras still when I am shooting also makes me slow down. Not rush into a load of shots that may or may not work. 


My 24 – 70 f2 is the workhorse it is seldom off one of the bodies. Not the lightest lens but when used properly gives some stunning results. %0mm prime lens is a good standby. 70-200 f4 Light-ish so easy to carry and gives some good results. I also take a 16-35mm.


I use Lee filters 10 and 6 stop ND. Some ND grads and a polariser

Other bits.

Sekonic handheld light meter just in case, viewfinder cover, lens cloth, spare SD and compact flash cards, remote shutter release, to be honest I don’t use this much but if I want to ensure the camera is, absolutely, still then it is useful.

There is a full kit list HERE

I am trying to cover all eventualities but sometimes I get caught out.

The Hike.

This is what I take, and others may have a different take on this so please don’t take this as gospel. 

Good boots. Over the years these have saved me from torn ligaments and broken ankles most recently coming down Kinder Scout when my foot rolled over about 3 miles from the car. I was able to carry on. I like to wear good merino socks. Just for comfort. Trousers are hardwearing. Lightweight and will dry while I am wearing them if I get caught in a shower. The base layer is wicking, mid-layer, is a thin compound cell, warm but light. Over this, I have a fleece for winter and a good waterproof. A very good waterproof which I found after getting soaked on the North York Moors.

Poles are a contentious issue I both like and hate them in equal measure but they do save knees and give extra support on the dodgy ground and for long-distance really useful.

Equipment for my Hiking trip

I do overdo this a bit. But sometimes you just don’t know.

Compass and map do not rely on phones. Learn how to navigate or at least where you are.

Head torch,

Whistle, and a mirror. Sometimes the mirror can be effective by the flashing.

First aid kit. Not going to repair broken bones but plasters and antiseptic cream. If nothing else, they sanitise and keep the flies off.  Tick tweezers, they need to come off whole.

Emergency blanket. Warm and silver keeps the heat in and is highly visible

Knife, there are rules governing what you can and can’t be seen with, but you may need to cut branches or kindling. My knife has a saw on it not big but good up to about 4”

Fire lighting equipment. I use a Ferro rod, but you can get waterproof matches.

Food and drink, enough for the day and include sugary snacks.


Equipment List

Bag by Fstop. I find them incredibly comfortable. I have the Shuka and the Lotus and love both. They Can be found HERE

Berghaus. Boots and waterproof. Used the boots for years they always feel comfortable and last well. I did change brand but found them uncomfortable after 5 miles. Can be found HERE

Trouser. Montane,  hardwearing and light. They are HERE

Base layer anything wicking

Midlayer. Rab

Fleece. Something warm

Compass. Silva, maps from OS

Poles and Headtorch from Black Diamond.


It is important that you have fun on your hiking trip but are safe at the same time. If you go out on any long hikes make sure you tell someone your proposed route and how long you expect to be away.

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