Injured Joint

July 12, 2021

My walk this evening was cut short due to an incident with a rabbit hole and my left foot rolling over. After a good amount of time rolling around the floor holding the injured joint, I cautiously rose and carried on. Surprisingly it was not as bad as I had first thought, and I was able to at least visit the lock.

Sitting on the pontoons that serve the cruisers that go up and down the river, they give somewhere for the weary boat owners to rest up before the arduous trial of the lock. At least I can rest my Injured Joint.

The water bounces off the bottom of my shoe and once again I am caught up in the life of the river. The slow pace as it meanders its way to the coast. Across the river, there are some reeds, and the reflections make it look like there are loads of ducklings swimming under them. Just an illusion.

The rumbling hiss of the staunch carries on impervious to my presence or that of anybody else’s for that matter a booming white noise that covers the area. Enhancing the peace. From the turmoil of churning water next to it to the calm 100 feet away is amazing.

I have seen herons wading there looking for small fish and muscles. In fact, on my way there I saw the remnants of muscles on the floor as smashed up shells. Kingfishers nest in the bank opposite, martins and swallows give me my own private aerobatic show as they swoop, twist and turn in the air chasing small insects.

I have been told that the walks I do are boring. This is quite simply not the case.

Tonight’s walk, pre-injured joint started as per usual I walked along the grassy verge. Past some ox-eye daisies, white campion and common mallow. Some Thistles were next, both field and the other one, more daisies and some poppies. Some of the grasses I walked next to were easily 5ft high then came the reeds and some more daisies. Crossing the road, the brambles filled nether space between the hedge and fence the petals were starting to fall revealing the abundance of fruit underneath. Not for us though as it is just out of reach. I am looking forward to making some blackberry jam later in the year.  The ivy-covered fence was next along with some Virginia creeper across the road. Turning bright red in autumn this looks spectacular then, just green now.

Moving on we have ash, alder and silver birch trees all in full leaf. The birch hanging low and softly swaying in the light breeze. Then a lot more brambles with even more inaccessible fruit. Through the gap in the hedge to the now overgrown path. Blackthorn and hawthorn plus some honeysuckle and something unnameable planted by the marina owner. Along the grassy path. Careful of the holes do not want to turn an ankle. Oh, that’s right I already have. Ow! To the horse chestnut and a couple more Roman trees. The Tansy is growing strongly along with the willow. This is shedding it’s down and it covers the river like a blanket. Ducklings swim through it leaving trails in the water. Over the Bridge.

This bridge is the dividing line. One Side is civilization the other wilderness. It’s not really but in my mind, it is the rush, chaos and turmoil being left behind for the quiet of the countryside. Cows are there. I don’t have a problem with cows. I talk to them, let them know I am there then I ignore them, and they ignore me. Along the river to my favorite sitting spot. Then back again.

The issue is that there is so much to see, to relish in that it is never boring. It is also nice, like tonight, not to take my camera and relieve me of the need to take photos. While I enjoy the process of taking images sometimes it gets in the way of simple relaxation. Just sitting and staring. Being in the countryside, not just a visitor.

I have a question for you. What do you see when you go out? An exercise for you. Just sit for 10 to 15 minutes and list all the things you see. Colours objects, how people react to the snatches of conversation you hear. List it all down the look again and see if you can see more. The think about how you would put this into an image and see what happens.

Thank you so much for reading this far. I have an Instagram feed HERE. Feel free to take a look and comment if you want good bad or indifferent.






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