Missing Something?

January 10, 2022

Something Missing


I have come, somewhat reluctantly, to the conclusion that there is something missing from my photography. I am not sure what, but there is a vital part missing. The umph, the bit that takes it from ordinary to brilliant.

I wish I knew what it was or how to find it, but I know that it is missing. This is not a case of going to a spectacular place and taking images because it is missing in so many other images I look at. Image after image I just say “meh” no and move on. Then there are one or two that say wow! One or two photographers that produce good work that speaks to me.

I want to be able to do this. To make my images to speak to you. I want you to look at my images and see the raw beauty that I see when I am standing where I am standing. Not just take an image just because I can.


Looking at YouTube I see there are photographers that carefully craft a shot compose it and ensure all the right elements are there but still fail to get something other than a nice image. Not one that makes me want to like or comment. Almost like they are trying too hard. There are others that try hard and succeed. Others again that don’t do anything but walk away with stunner after stunner again and again. Capturing the very essence of the time and place.

This is not trying to get a method and repeating it because there, practically, is no method. I was listening to someone talk about writing songs. He said that he knew how to get a hit song written. Yes, his songs are catchy but lack a certain something. Perhaps this is what is missing trying to work to a formula that gives a perfect shot without giving anything else. That one crucial thing that an image requires.


This comes from the story. Let’s take the river. The story of the river at one point. It’s not the same river from minute to minute. There is a constant change to it. How do you tell this when it looks the same in those minutes? How do you convey the slow inexorable crawl from the gushing spring through the meanders across the plains to the estuary? You could walk it and show it in all its different stages. But sat here, in this one spot, today. How would you do it?

This isn’t about camera settings, technique, or equipment. This is about being there in the moment and it becomes about the photographer. How they relate to the scene in front of them. How they see it.

What does it make them feel!

The thing that is missing is how I feel about the world around me. Everything I have felt while being outside the enjoyment. The childhood play building dens and running over fields. The watery winters sun, low in the sky diffused by thin grey clouds. The bright stars and even brighter moon. Wind in the trees. Blown grasses over the fields, watching corn wave in the same wind. Leaves falling from the trees.

These are by no way big things. Little things that add to the sum, to be repeated, seen again and again in different lights in different moods with different company they change. The feeling behind them intensifies, it grows and grows and becomes the motivator to get out and take images and to fill them with the wonder and joy of the simple things.

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