Moments in Time

November 01, 2021


Moments in Time Fog being illuminated by sun through a tree


Life is made up of small moments in time that stay with us long after the big things have gone.


The Sea

The stormy sea crashes onto the beech breakers full of rage and fury being driven by the wind. This same wind rips spray from the breakers filling the air with a salty tang, at the same time more spray from the crashing waves fills the air. The noise is deafening, the constant booming roar, silence just for a moment, then, the rattle, and hiss as pebbles and sand are drawn back into the ocean, for the same process to begin again.

On the South Coast at Peacehaven, the sea crashes into the sea defenses flinging water and debris high into the air and drenching the walkway. The wind hammers up the cliff blowing unsecured waterproofs around.

The Beach

The beech is dry by the wind is blowing. Small vortices are formed lifting the sand from the beech and driving it along, blowing it in long streamers over the pebbles and into the North Sea. The same thing can be seen lifting dries leaves from the ground in autumn as if they are trying to get back to the branches they have so recently left.

The constant movement of the sea around the trees on Covehythe beech is intoxicating, when do I press the shutter which filter to use to slow the movement down. They swirl around the rotting trunks as if trying to drag them into the sea. They fail but long streamers of foam make their way back into the water.


Watching Gulls wheeling, twisting, and turning carried in the currents of the air, crying out, is it joy or is it get out of my way I am coming through. Diving down and coming to rest in the water with a splash, shaking the water from their feathers in a sort of look at what I’ve done manner. Or the squabble over a half-eaten bag of chips on the wall. The cries have a mournful quality to them. Lonesome and demanding at the same time they hang over the sea in remembrance.

Away from the coast but still near to water lying next to the river. Watching the terns endlessly patrolling the river. Looking for small fish. Then, suddenly, diving down to get their prey the faint splash and up they rise small fish in their bill, while others swoop in. Alongside the terns there are kingfishers. That bright, iridescent blue and orange flash and the loud piping call. Sometimes sat on a branch patiently waiting before taking off and vanishing.

Squabbling sparrows in the garden. Magpies trying to balance while feeding on fat balls. Hordes of Goldfinches arguing over the feeders.


Finally, the dawn. The daily spectacle of the sunrise. The giver of life and light slowly rises over the horizon, the first glimmer of red and orange. Gradually the colour expands over the sky lighting up the clouds until it surrounds you. Bit by bit piece by piece the daylight comes, and the huge yellow orb breaches the horizon. The landscape comes alive for a few moments lit by a stunning warm light. Contours in the fields become apparent. Sometimes this is accompanied by a low-lying mist that burns its way over the river in the light. All of this is done in silence. It should be accompanied by regal marching music. A celebration of the new day to come with all its possibilities, hopes, and dreams.

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