Moving on

March 31, 2019

I have made reference to a poor year last year in terms of taking new images. I stand by this the whole thing collapsed into a large hole.

Looking back this was probably the right thing to happen. I had great plans, big ideas but none of them came to anything, some might call this lazy, I would not agree. This was a break brought about by work.

The tittle to this piece could have been looking for inspiration, which is exactly what I am doing now.

I have been looking at images form the Genre I do most ie landscapes. Loking at instagram, and some photogrphers I know, Ben Horne, from America, Ansel Adams, Don Mcullin, Josh Cripps, to name a few, trying to figure out what it is I am looking at.

The first point I am going to make is they are not just pretty pictures, there seem to be a huge number of the same pretty picture. To illustrate this I have over 500 images made by Ansel Adams and he has long been a photographic hero of mine. They are all good shots every one of them but out of that 500 there are probably only about 5 or 6 that really stand out to me, make me pause, as Barthes puts it Punctum. Looking at Ben Horne,for those of your who have not had the pleasure of looking at his Youtube Videos, goes on photographic trips of about 10 days to Death Valley, Zion National Park or Capital Reef. He goes to the same places and hunts for images and may take 10 or 12 in a trip on a 10 x 8 camera. The images he produces are superb but again, while the general quality is extemely high there may only be a few that really get to me.

One of the things I find really fustrating is that so many people are happy with OK images. I want to say brilliant images in what they are but, looking back to Barthes again, Studium. This is taking nothing away from the images they are good images

Inspiration, Where am I actually going. I am desparately unhappy with all my images. I want better images that “prick”people, move way from the ordinary to the extraordinary, not at all happy with what I am producing.

The one thing I am sure about is that, while I am sure I can get stunning images from other parts of the country, this would only be following in the footsteps of so many other people and I would only be replicating what has gone before and to be honest there are only so many images of Durdle Door in Dorset you can look at. Honey pot sites, while they create nice images, are just that nice images. I have to work harder in my area. Go out and look, do what Ben Horne does. Look first go back when the conditions are right. Or do what Josh Cripps does go to the same place day in day out hoping for the right conditions.

One thing I am sure about, I wish I had the talent of any of the people mentioned above.

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