New Camera?

May 17, 2019

Finally done it. You have your new camera and it sits quietly waiting for you to pick it up. Switch it on and take some awesome images show off to your friends and family.

Well no, not really. The camera sits there and you look at it and the first thing you see are buttons. Mine has 11 on the back A dial on the top LH top plate and LCD screen on RH top plate more buttons a couple of dials a huge screen on the back plus a few more down the side of the lens.

To be honest when I saw this mass of buttons and dials I just wanted to put it back in the box and go back to film. Dead easy load the film and carry on. So you find out how to turn it on. My first digital camera, I was so pleased got it home the battery was not in the box couldn’t get one until Monday morning. Argh!!!!. Trip into Cambridge to find a Jessops that was open found out how much the replacement batteries were decided to wait.

Finally turned it on. I had an idea as to what I was looking at but to the novice, shudder. A little ring came up, aperture size then moving the curser around the screen watching all the graphs and lines move, what does it all mean?

I like simple, this is not simple, (well, yes it is now, but back then was a different matter) Go back to film put it in twist a dial and away you go. No must carry on. Turn it on lightly press the shutter, ahh auto, focus. Now why is this image out of focus? I’m sure it was the duck, not the tree. How come its all blurry. Depth all wrong. how to change the shooting mode. Shooting Modes?

Make that exposure modes. 11 in total. Which did I use mainly. Manual and AP, just like my film camera. A D40 is not like the D800 I currently use which has user defined menus with the ability to assign buttons on the body to do specfic functions. Needless to say I don’t use them that much.

How much of this do I actually use. manual and AP. Sometimes the exposure compensation, And I fiddle about with the ISO from time to time. Rear curtain flash sync?

What is more important – all the buttons, menus and flashing gizmos or where you point the camera and what it says about you and what you want to say about where you are pointing it.?

If you loooked at my instagram feed you would be hard pressed to know which one was on my phone or which one was on my camera.

As a challenge have a look you tell me its Here

Enjoy your camera.


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