Off The Grid?

September 16, 2019


Loch Linnie, Off the Grid


I want to say that I have been off the Grid for 8 days but this is simply not true. With the exception of 30 mins just outside Bridge of Orchy, I have had phone signal the entire time.

What I want to ask is if this is symptomatic of our country that you can’t walk 100 miles across Scotland and still be able to talk to people and navigate by phone. Perhaps it’s not that at all we all depend on phones but, to be honest, getting away from it is bliss. You could ask why I took mine. Navigation app. Is the answer but this was GPS based. That and being separated from my wife at times and need to ensure she was OK.

Aversion to Cows

The first day was wet, that and the Glengoyne distillery that we HAD to visit,.The last section of this hike involved walking through a field of Cows. My wife does not do cows very well in fact if she can be in another field that works well for her. However, the path took us through this field. She hid, with a small hill between her and the cows then walked through a bog to avoid them. I did not tell her about the bull that was quietly looking us over. Good job he prefered chasing cows than humans.

Long Hikes

In 3 days we had done 39 miles and made it to Inveranan. The least said about the 3rd day the better. The guide says that the route has been improved. This may be the case but sure I didn’t notice it. We spent the bulk of the afternoon scrambling over boulders, rocks, tree roots and Culverts. Not to say this wasn’t fun. After 6 miles you want to see some flat land, which we did. Flat, ie not boulder-strewn, Flat as in going uphill easy walking. Going downhill hard on the knees. We were off the grid. No one knew where we were on the path. We did not know how far we had to go.  However, after a quick call to the campsite, they said it was easy to get there and should not take long.  1 1/2 hours later we got there. Scottish distances don’t work the same as the rest of the country.

Beinglas Farm

A welcome sight. A warm reception. Nice food, comfortable beds, pleasant staff. Everything dried out by the next morning. Nice breakfast as well. This days hike was shorter than yesterday only 10 miles. The first half flat but a couple of bridges had washed away which meant a detour. and one or 2 were unsafe for vehicles. people are more dispensable possibly. Guess what raining again. You can find a link to this site here. It is a walkers place but live music of Fridays during the season and the welcome make it a nice place to visit

Scottish Weather

I think I have a handle on Scottish weather now.

Bright intervals. Probably raining but the sun is visible as a haze behind the clouds.

Drizzle, = Showers

Showers. = Rain.

Rain.= Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain. = Really best to be inside.

Storm. = Be inside warm hatches battened down.

This basically means you look drowned and sodden to wet to damp. Rarely warm. Make sure you have good gear.

But when the rain clouds go and the sun finally makes an appearance. The scenery is stunning. The Mountains are huge, walking past them they seem to go on forever.

Good Moments.

Of all the good moments sitting at the end of Lock levenlooking at the sunset beer in hand as the light moved across the mountains at the far end of the Loch has to rate amongst one of the best. Comparable to seeing Mount Meru from Killi

Taken on my phone. The tranquility of the Loch, the Bar all came together in one moment.

Visiting Distilleries, has to be done. Trip along Loch Linnhie, feeding deer at Kings house Hotel, and, the stunning walk across some of the finest landscapes in the world.

My knees are shot but it was so, so worth it


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