Ouse fens

July 12, 2019

The Ouse Fens Nature reserve is approx 10 min drive to the car park, so fairly local to me. However the hike to where I wanted to go is about an hour and and half.  Carrying gear.

The reserve is a collaboration between Hanson and the RSPB. Basically gravel pits that are slowly being tranformed into one of the largest wetlands in the country. Pretty cool. I have been there a couple of times before once on a very very wet day the other late in the evening when I was out longer than I had hoped and not taken my head torch.

The idea was to look and see what is there see if there was any mileage in committing to a longer eveniing visit. This involves me wandering around the reserve looking at where the sun goes down and seeing if the are any viable shots to be had.


The ouse Fens are part  of the fens. One thing you have to understand about the fens is they are flat. As in not much in the way of hills. To give you an idea of just how flat the area is I did a cambridge 100 cycle ride a couple of years ago the total ascent was 100 ft.  The overiding feature of a flat fenland is reeds and this is a reedbed so there were lots of reeds. Birds, which I could not see and some friendly cows that wanted to eat me.  This proved a problem there were small gaps in the reeds to allow glimpses of water but not in a place where I could plant a tripod safely.

Having walked to pretty much the centre of the reseve there is a viewing area. A raised lump of earth, with a bench. So I took my ease here.

The hike back to the car seemed to go on a bit. Well it seemed to last for ever. Gear was getting heavier by the step. Cows, more of them, blocked one path so had to take a detour. Got back to car and bought HUGE ice cream as a reward.


So did I  get any Images. Yes, have a look at my instagram page by clicking here to see

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