Over the Next Hill

January 01, 2022

Wreck on Loch Linnie. More mountain than Hill


What is beyond the next hill, the next bend? What happens when the desire to see the beyond goes?

I think the next bend and the next hill represent an expansion of our lives. The next hill can be something like the next major scientific discovery or the development of the self to move to the next goal. It is an important concept. Without it, our world starts to contract. The boundaries grow smaller, and it is possible that we allow ourselves to become content with things. We are OK with the status quo, but we never really think about how much things could be different.

The thing with goals is they are there to drive us on. The next hill or next bend to look around drive us forward.

This is not a new year state the goals thing. This is the realisation that I had sat back and allowed my boundaries to shrink. To put up with less than I am able and capable of.

Suddenly I could not see why I needed to move house. What house do I need or want any more than I have? While this is a nice house in a nice area it is not the house, I had envisioned 10 15 years ago. As a house it is fine but as a lifestyle, it is not. Likewise, it is not in the area I wanted but it is convenient, and that is the problem. It is easy to get to where I need to go to do what I want to do. So why change.

However, this is the start you suddenly find yourself sticking to places that you know and don’t feel inclined to make the move. My biggest mistake was not following my dream last year and changing jobs to a lesser job. Lesser is very unkind it is a good job and I enjoy it, but it is not what I want to do, and this is where the problems really start.

I found on a recent walk the next hill was, really, too far to reach and I found that the spark that drives me on to be better, to improve was waning. Dimming. Now I have had some issues over the past 3 months that I will not go into, but they were a part of it as well. Would I be able to physically follow through on some of the things I wanted to do?

The position I found myself at was. Why move? Why make plans why not just accept the inevitable. It’s a good job. It’s a nice house. I can stop nobody will say anything.


I will know.

My life, I cannot speak for others, is not about achieving but the journey to and up the next hill. The path may change, there may, will, be obstacles, the path may be hard, it may be we have to turn back at places and find a different route, but it is there to be travelled and we may, probably will, end up at a destination that we did not expect and be all the better for it, but the path must be travelled. The flame that burns must be kept alive. Looking and striving is a part of our lives.

Our lives are enriched by this constant move forward. The constant desire to look over the next hill.

Never let the flame go out.


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