April 15, 2018

I want to write a little about this. I used to watch an American artist use the phrase Promoting Passion as her theme for all her youtube video’s and I watched them trying to understand what she was talking about. Yes, she was very passionate about her subject and her craft and produced some outstanding images but what was she really talking about.

I am passionate about music, I love the skill and expertise that goes into making music. I love the feelings it brings out when I listen to a piece of music. I love the moods it can create and particularly on the day that you get the right piece at the right moment and it can lift your spirit to as high as you want it to go.

I feel the same when I am out and about from the mountains of North Wales to the fens of Cambridgeshire, but my real passion is the sea. To stand on a coastline with the waves crashing. Or near to cliffs, perhaps the rocky coast of North Devon, all have a special place in my heart.

How do we capture these images? How do we get across the emotion and the feeling of freedom that these places bring to us? The overriding sense of peace and tranquillity to stand alone either as the sun just comes over the horizon or the last rays dip at night.

Sometimes the technical overrides all of this and we get caught up in trying to get the perfect exposure, the perfect composition and miss the point entirely, and capture something that lets us down rather than getting caught up in the moment. We have to learn to see, to use the camera instinctively rather than a set method.

Less of, we are here it is this so I have to do this. More we are here, now, so how do I capture the emotion of how I feel at this moment. I am not suggesting spray gun technique that would be wrong but as using the camera as an extension of us, as people, and talking to others through it.

This comes down to learning what the camera does and making it second nature. I work on manual 90% of the time and AP the rest, but I make it an expression of who I am and what I see not just another exercise in how to use the camera.

Passion, this is where we started I love making pictures with my camera. Very few of them ever work out how I want them but every so often one does. I love being outdoors. I love hiking to a place and just being there and if I don’t take an image so I don’t take one, but there is one thing that I always come away with and that is the sheer enjoyment of being where I want to be at that time, and if I can find a piece of music to suit that moment, all the better.

Incidentally, the artist I mentioned at the beginning is Brooke Shaden. Have a look at her work pretty cool stuff




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