January 24, 2022

The Explosion of Dawn



A new year is upon us. 2022 arrived not so much with a bang more of a whimper. Covid is still influencing what we can and can’t do. Having said this. It does not prevent us from doing different things and this is where planning comes in.

Planning is the one thing that we all forget to do. This is not the minutiae but the grand scheme. Where will I go, stay, and photograph over the coming year? So, the maps have come out. Well, not so much the maps more Google maps, along with some lists I made 18 months ago when I thought it would be over quicker than it is proving.


What the last year taught me is that there are a lot of places that I would really like to go to and stay that are within about a 2-hour drive. One of these is Clumber Park and Sherwood Forest. Both are right at the edge of this range but easily got to. Up early get to where I need to go and stay over for one night and then travel back.

Most of the east coast and North Norfolk fall into the category as well. The most distant is about an hour and a half and I already have nights away booked. Travel down on the Friday evening after work and stay over. Some of these paces would be a late day trip.

This has left me feeling very happy about the next year and what can be achieved and how I would go about it. More difficult is getting customers to, actually, buy my stuff and get some regular contracts coming in rather than the hit and miss approach that seems to be happening at the moment.

Set Dates

The important thing to take away is that you need to plan out your work set dates and stick to them. If you say “I must” or “I ought” nothing will happen but if you set a date and stick to it then something will happen. It may not be what you want or expect but it will be something that is better than nothing. It will help you move forward. I have set dates in the diary when I will be staying away. I am not leaving this to how I feel on the morning, or the excuses will step in. I’m too tired, I was busy, or this needs to be done first.

Other things I need to look at would be how my social media is growing. How do I make it grow and what have I got to do to make it better? How can I help other people get better at what they do? This is a strange one because I am trying to improve at the same time, why do I think I can help? So, this then becomes a journey together and I can learn from the people I am trying to help. Nothing is done in isolation we are all connected, and people have different ideas to me which I could use and employ. Even the non-photographers.

In Short

I think if I were to paraphrase all of this it would come down to a simple sentence. “What is it you want?”

If we then expand on this.

What do you want?

Where are you now?

How do you get there?


How can you plan if you do not know what you want? How can you go anywhere if you do not know where you are? Let’s go to London. What is your starting point because there are a lot of ways to get there but you do need a starting point to plan from? How do you know what areas you need to improve? Where do you need to grow?


In a Beautiful Anarchy, David Duchemin says that to do anything we have to ask questions. He is looking at the creative process in general. But if you think about it this is the case across everything. Developing a business is creative. I personally think that everything we do is creative. Sometimes we come up with an idea and we know how to work it sometimes we hear something, and we tinker with it until it takes on a life of its own and grows into something far bigger and more beautiful than we ever thought it could.


This all comes from work. Working an idea good, bad, or indifferent. It may be that you have not interrogated the idea in the right manner. Or from the right standpoint. You haven’t, in a photographer’s case, taken any images to develop the idea. Seen where it could go. Seen how the idea could develop. What fresh tracks you could go down. The new ideas that come to mind as a result.

Planning is a pain but I think it is important which is why I am spending more time on it this year than previously. I am looking at ideas I have written down and looked at how I want to develop them. While I have some longer trips planned the bulk of my work will be local. Simply because I know the area. I can work, and develop ideas more easily and hopefully become more prolific in my work and in turn, this should throw up some other interesting ideas.

I hope that you have a great new year and that all your hopes and dreams come to fruition It has been a difficult couple of years but now I think we can start to move forward again.


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