Preparation for a Trip

August 05, 2019



The following is my personal preparation for a trip, normally a day.


Before I go any further I want to make it clear this is what I take.  If you follow this list and get into problems I can not be held responsible. Part of any preparation for a trip is understanding what you will be getting into and how to deal with it and come out the other side.

Actually, don’t follow this list this is my list. Make your own up.


Walking boots, your choice as to make model, just make sure they are comfortable and have some degree of waterproofing. Couple with this is socks. I tend towards any sock but I also have some merino socks if I know I will be wearing them for more than a day or 2. Merino has a natural anti-bacterial which helps.

Trousers. Lightweight. I use Montane for no other reason than I like them and, when I bought them, they were on sale. Being lightweight they tend not to hold water. Jeans are a no no.  Once they get wet they get heavy. Take a long time to dry and chaff. They become uncomfortable. Not good for walking or bending down and they also get cold because they are wet. I also have a pair of waterproof trousers that I take along with me for longer hikes. No point in getting wet and miserable if you can avoid it.

Layers. Lightweight wicking tops. Some, like the merino socks, have natural antibacterial properties providing they are not washed with fabric softener. A Fleece comes next and on top of this a softshell and then waterproof coat. The softshell is sort of windproof, but couple this with the waterproof it becomes very warm.

I take fingerless gloves and I also take a Hat. I rarely wear a hat but if it gets cold then it pays to put it on.

So warm, light, windproof and waterproof. One thing for the depths of winter a down jacket. Never worn it except in mid-winter driving with the roof down.



The next stage of preparation for a trip is the equipment. Bearing in mind that I take landscape photographs the bag I use is geared around this aspect.

I use an F-stop Shuka Camera bag. This is a huge waterproof bag with comfortable shoulder straps and nicely padded hip straps. It has lots of room for my ICU and layers of clothing I may or may not need. It also has a pouch for a water bladder.

The gear which goes in which is not camera related

Whistle, Mirror.  Good for attracting attention when the battery on the phone is dead or dropped into a ditch. 

First aid kit.  Obvious really.

Multi-tool.  Need to cut something tighten something or remove a stone from a horses hoof?

Emergency foil blanket.  Useful if a companion has an accident. Can also be used overnight if you get caught out, and, because it is shiny can be used for signalling.

Lice tweezers, Lice removal has to be done properly no mouthparts should be left in the skin.

Compass, maps of the area. GPS unit, I have done a navigation course this was in North Wales by a company called Summitt To Savour. A good company learnt a lot on that day need to go back for the second advanced course. If you have any doubts about navigation get trained Summitt to Savour are HERE

Battery pack, Phone. I use my phone for a number of things but the most important is being able to contact someone in an emergency, provided I have a signal or its not in a ditch.

Water purification/ Life Straw.  More of a just in case.

Head Torch and torch.

Bug repellant. I don’t get bitten very often but useful to have.

Sun Cream. I am writing this on the hottest day of the year. Not going outside without some cream on.

Sunglasses. One for my wife who tells me every time I go out without them that the UV will give me cataracts.

Camera Related Gear

2 x Nikon Camera Bodies Both with L brackets

3 Batteries

18 – 35mm zoom

24-70mm f2.8

70-200 mm f4

105mm macro

50mm f1.4

Manfrotto Tripod with arca swiss head

Cable release

Sekonic light meter

50 % of this gear was bought 2nd hand I don’t feel the need to break the bank or go into horrendous debt getting gear. Look carefully at the description and think twice before buying. Most ebayers are truthful but if in doubt complain.

Preparation for A Trip

Planning, to be honest, I don’t do a lot of planning, most of my trips are for a day and it is easy to come back. I have tried, fruitlessly to previsualize my images before I go they never work out as well as the ones I take just by turning around or exploring. I use both Sunfinder and Photographers Ephemeris apps on my phone.

Food and I always take more water than I need. However, if you note a good pub, these will have loads of cars outside. Remember where it is. Very useful for drowning your sorrows after a bad day, of which, there will be many.

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