Quiet Time

July 26, 2021

Quiet. It pervades the area like a blanket. As I lie on the bed looking at the little rivulets of rain after running down the Velux windows all I can hear is the ticking clock and the soft gurgle of the mill stream as it passes by the apartment am in for the next few days. No roar of the dual carriageway. No endless screech of tortured tyres from the park and ride, and no banging as drivers remorselessly bounce off the rev limiter. Just quiet. 


The Plan

So what is the plan for this week? It’s not just lying looking at the rain. We all want nice weather but I have been advised that the weather I not good for the next couple of days.  

A visit to Kinder Scout is on the cards. The place in 1932 where 6 people were sent to prison for leading a mass trespass here. This eventually led to the enactment of the countryside and rights of way act in the year 2000 where the ancient right to walk was set out in law. This campaign had started in 1884 and has various setbacks until, finally, put into law. A visit here is a must.  

Monsal Head viewpoint has the Longstone Restaurant for a nice meal, well it was the last time I was there. There is a small café there as well to get a warming cup of tea. Looking forward to hiking this trail again. Hopeful to get some good images there. 

Finally, there is a small villages and woods walk which I have never done and this looks to be a gentle hike through the countryside around Bakewell.   

So all in all a nice break with plenty of time to get some good photography in. I will be joined on my hikes by my partner, son and his girlfriend. So, I hope they are happy for the instant stops to look for and make images. I do like doing this sort of thing by myself but they have told me not this time sonny we are coming as well. 

Keep an eye on my Instagram for images of this trip, which can be found HERE. 


Back to the peace and quiet 



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