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Of Rain and Rainbows

August 23, 2021

A recent search on the internet revealed there are over 100 words that describe rain and how it falls. Some of these are differences in dialects. Some are very much more area-specific but still sound great.

Bange (East Anglia), a sort of dampness in the air, w/ light rain.

I have lived in East Anglia for 40 years and have never heard this one. I suppose that this is because I live in one of the driest regions of the UK despite its constant battle with water. The fens must be constantly monitored to ensure that they don’t flood and remove thousands of acres of farmland.

Whatever it is called rain still falls and you still need a waterproof to spend any time in it unless you want to be extremely cold and uncomfortable.

It’s letty (Somerset), Enough rain to make outdoor work difficult 

In photography, this covers pretty much any rain from light drizzle to cloudbursts where inches fall in minutes and dry roads become small rivers for a moment. The rush for a tree or some other cover even if you have all the protective clothing.

Peeggirin (Scottish) a stormy shower  

Having Hiked through Scotland I am convinced that they do not have the same idea of rain that the rest of us do. Having trudged through a rainstorm I finally got in and hung my sodden waterproof off and put my boots next to the heater to dry out someone said. “it’s a bit drizzly” I am sure my questioning look got a wry smile. But What one person considered light rain I considered heavy.

Yillen (Scottish)

In the list, I found a lot of them were Scottish. More surprising, given the amount of rain falls in wales there were very few words from there.

It’s stottin (N. England and Scottland) heavy rain that bounces

I love this one. Sitting under a tree on a summers afternoon that promised so much but gave us rain. The soft drip of the water as it runs through the leaves of the tree. The smells that come up as fresh chemicals are released from the ground. When it stops, as quickly as it started, how the birds come to life. Shaking their feathers out. Insects take to the air and life returns to a damp version of what previously existed.

Other times the sound of the rain hitting the canvas of a tent can lull you to sleep. If the tent doesn’t flood of course.

Of Rainbows

Even though I can, like so many other, explain how a rainbow is formed and that there are loads of different types of rainbows in loads of given weather conditions I still go wow. They send anyone with a camera into this state of I must capture this. Particularly when there are double rainbows. To be honest I do try to avoid this charging around. There will be another and trying to get a good composition is never easy. I do love them though. They mark a transition between worse and better weather. If only for a moment. Perhaps I can get back to my tent or hotel before the rain starts again.

Perhaps I can have a cup of coffee before it all starts up again, even get my kit in before it gets drenched, and I see a black rear screen that means water has got in and fried the PCB.

Regardless of your view of the weather. If you are a fair or rough weather person, it makes for interesting photography, and I have found that understanding what is going on weather-wise is important so we can get good shots. Too many, and I include myself here, despite loving rough weather, (I will sit with the door open just enjoying the sounds and feeling that storms evoke,) Sit inside saying it is raining perhaps I’ll wait. To this, I say why?

Why miss the chance?

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The list of words for rain can be found HERE








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