Richard Rawlings

August 19, 2019


I am not that Richard Rawlings.

That Richard Rawlings owns a very successful car business in Dallas called Gas Monkey. He has a show called Fast and Loud. He has a lot more money than I do and is already known. The only commonality we have is we both enjoy a beer or 3.

So if you have made it here because of the name. Really sorry but not Richard Rawlings car guy, Richard Rawlings, UK photographer.

Now what I could do is spend the next 300 words explaining how we are different but I am not going to do that. What I am going to do is state my intentions. I can do this safely here because no one will read this and if they do will probably have gone after the first sentence once they realise I am not going to talk about cars. Except for the Ferarri. Ferraris are cool, they are fast, have a beautiful exhaust note and are generally awesome. But, not as a daily driver that would have to be the Lamborghini Guiado. That would be my daily. If I had enough money. Which, let’s be clear I don’t.

What I do

I am a photographer and I take Landscapes. Some I take with my Phone some with a Nikon set up and a light meter. But the equipment doesn’t matter. No, really it doesn’t. It’s not the camera, its the person behind the camera. That person’s vision of the landscape, that person’s interpretation of the story unfolding in front of him. No camera can tell that person when where and how to take the image. It’s like a car. It sits there and waits for someone to drive it. The driver “tells” where to go and at what speed. To say that better gear makes you a better photographer is like saying owning one of the cars above makes you a better driver.


Practice is what makes you a better driver and enables you to drive a performance car. Practice is what makes you a better photographer and allows you to use all the features on your camera to the full. It is what makes you understand what does and does not work. Looking at mistakes and correcting them. Mistakes in a car normally mean expense and raised insurance. Mistakes in photography mean you go back and try again, and again until you get what you want and that all gets stored in your brain until you need it again. Push the envelope in a car and it could get wrapped around a tree, with a picture you get blown highlights or something.


I am sort of hoping that my namesake will offer me a job taking photos, Nah! That won’t happen. He certainly wouldn’t pay for me to go to Dallas for a week to take images. All expenses paid. Definitely not. So I have to go back to plan A. In 3 years time I will be one of the UK’s top landscape photographers. Being honest I have absolutely no idea about how I will achieve this but that doesn’t matter.

You can help by liking my facebook page HERE, Following me on Instagram HERE. If you are on my website check out some of the images and leave critique. Please note comments like “don’t give up your day job” Well, we all have to start somewhere.

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