Evening sky

June 21, 2021

Long after the sun has fallen below the horizon the evening sky is still tinged with a pink hue. Stars are just coming out into the night sky which in places is a deep blue-black. Time to lie down and travel into the fathomless void of space, in which we are so small.

The air is still, there is no breeze to move the unrelenting heat of the day on. Yes, it has been hot. The heat is one thing, but the humidity is the killer. Just walking becomes uncomfortable and with a backpack on. It’s draining and you try not to walk too far. You crave the coolness of the night and look forward to sunset.

Tonight, however, the heat remains, airless night, and sounds carry. Rogue cars and vans on the road. The odd cry of a fox and the hoots of owls over the countryside. Along the path, the ghost-like silhouette of a Barn owl swoops silently over the field hunting for mice.

Rabbits stand and stare as you walk past before thumping off to the burrows disturbing the wildfowl roosting next to the river and the startled splashing of moorhens rings out in the night before silence descends once more.

New Day

The time is just after midnight and in 4 hours the sun will rise once again. Lighting up the world. It will rise in silence witnessed by so very few of us. Those, who can be bothered to get out of bed to see it.

The dawn of a new day, so much hope, so much expectation. I will be there next to the river in one of my favourite spots. Poised with camera and tripod. Hoping for the weather, the clouds, the mist and the odd well-placed swan. If not just enjoying the moment of peace before the day starts for everyone else.

I love the quiet of the early hours of the morning, just me and the stars while all around me people are asleep. They are missing out but lucky for me they are. I will be getting back when they are leaving the start of my day done.

Time for a coffee and a look at what I have on the memory cards.


Why get up at 3.30 and walk the 4 miles to my favourite spot. It’s more than just loving that time of day. Why get up to capture images at that time. Yes, I use the word capture. The light is fleeting, and you have to work quickly to make the best of it. Sometimes it comes down to a couple of minutes. Set up, find a composition and take the image. My vision of the morning. The morning that very few people get to see.

I am capturing a mood, a moment in time that may be repeated but never in quite the same way. The sun will rise in the same place, but the sky and clouds will be different, the temperature difference will cause different levels of mist to form. Never the same twice. It is totally awesome to witness the start of the day to capture the moment to share it.


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