Snow day Walking

February 01, 2021

Snow day walking

Ever heard how quiet everything goes when snow is falling? How little noise it makes? The soft white flakes float lazily down buoyed on a cushion of air. The flakes themselves have little mass and are easily swept along by the prevailing wind forming mounds against hedges and other raised structures. It falls like a gentle harp playing swirling and twisting in the breeze like a flute whistling

The leaden grey sky hangs sullenly above me while around me the falling snow removes the definition from the surroundings. Clear enough to determine what they are but indistinct. All the time there is the soft patter of snow hitting my hood, which just for a change is up. Not to keep my hair dry but as protection from the wind.

Snow presents a problem. Not serious but take footprints. My first thought is to put new footprints into the field of snow as a visitor to a virgin piece of land but then you lose the photographic value of the fresh covering. The other is how bright it is. I need to compensate by up to 2 stops to get the snow-white.

Part 2 Evening

The sky is extremely clear all the stars are sharp, as sharp as they can be, and the moon is glowing in the sky. The cold light spreads a luminous ethereal glow over everything. Making objects appear ghostly, just out of vision while still remaining solid and present.

The earlier snowfall is freezing and there is the reassuring harsh crunch of the ice underfoot while there is a softer sigh as the unfrozen snow compresses with each step taken.

Breath steams and rises to hang briefly before vanishing into the cold night air. Again, the silence surrounds like a black cloak. This is the silence of the night, small snatches of conversation just on the edge of hearing and the occasional car disturb the peace and my footsteps on the ice.

It’s dark by the time I get in and I see the warm lights of my house beckoning me to sit with beer and feet up. This won’t happen, what will happen is that I will empty the cards in my camera, have a brief look at them maybe do some initial work with them. Then! Settle down.

Thank you for reading this far. It is unlikely that any of the images I took today will make it onto Instagram but if you are curious as to what I do take a look it can be found by clicking HERE, or you could look at my gallery HERE



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