Solitude and Escape

August 16, 2021

The grey leaden rain clouds filled with rain have finally moved away, leaving the ground wet and in places, once more, muddy, this is the first time for a couple of months I have been able to get alongside the river and escape with my camera and enjoy the peace and solitude.

I take a deep breath in and out and feel my spirits lift and the stress, strain and tension melting away, draining out of my body and feel…..Just happy to be there. To be alive

Moving away from the noises of civilization the silence of the area envelope you like a blanket. The rumble of the bypass diminishes and there is a noise-less bubble to sit in. The evening is calm. The flat river is only disturbed by a zephyr so slight it ripples the surface but leaves the plants still.

Terns fly endlessly up and down the river, hunting for the fish that jump and skip along the water, themselves catching unwary flies and mosquitoes, leaving their own mark on the still surface of the water. Little circles, expanding outwards towards but never reaching, the bank.


I am playing tonight with an old Nikon D300 I bought at Christmas. Just want to have some fun not be so serious in the images that I produce. I want to enjoy the time alone in the quiet. Across the river, there are some trees. Highly photogenic but little in the way of composition to make them special in an image. One day perhaps I will stumble on something but not tonight, I fear.

The sun sinks slowly after a brief, moment when it appeared between two high clouds. Bathing everything in a warm hue. Some of the plants had a highlighted rim around them and red reflections danced on the rippled water. It went as quickly as it came. The fleeting instant when everything came alive, then went just as quickly.

The Walk Back

So, it’s another walk back along the bank in a half-light that both reveals and conceals at the same time. Looking over the field I can see these little white, almost luminous blobs, bouncing up and down and skittering across the grass. I know they are a bird but can’t tell which one until they take off for a second to show me, they are gulls after worms. I wish they could have been owls.

I have seen barn owls here gliding over the fields in the search for mice. I have also seen foxes on more than one occasion but never seen Badgers though. I think they are around but keep hidden. This is what solitude brings. The quiet to see things that other miss.

The sounds of the night are becoming more apparent now. Soft furtive noises that are half-heard in the increasing gloom. Time to pick up the pace. Leave the peace and tranquillity behind. It’s so nice to walk in the still late evening air still warm but with the stars just coming out. Back to the house and civilization and all that brings with it. Solitude is not lonely it is being alone and calm. A chance to recharge.


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