Start A Photography Business?

October 14, 2019

So, you want to start a Photography Business? Something I am in the throes of doing.

I have pages of thoughts and questions that relate to this and, as a result, I may come back to it as I put them out there for discussion and condemnation.

Taking Good Images

You would have thought this was a prerequisite for any budding photography business. Apparently not. A mediocre photographer can be more successful than an accomplished one just because of marketing. I look at some so-called professional photographers whose content is average but yet they command huge sums of money for producing, bland and insipid images. Perhaps they have a hidden store of good images that they don’t show. I have been told to put your best work out there and I would expect that they do this. Who knows. This is not sour grapes. If they are doing well more power to them. 

Even so, an image has to be good. But by who’s standards. I would expect correctly exposed, in focus, compositionally correct and, something, that makes people stop and consider what they are looking at. Not a good view but a good shot. A good image does not necessarily make a good image and vice versa. A good image, to my mind, is one that makes me stop and think. Captures my attention. Let’s face it modern digital technology has made it very easy for anyone to take an average image and recover it in post-processing.

Let’s Take this Further.

I go through my Instagram feed. The people I follow. You can see my feed here  There are a lot of images that I like but fewer that I comment on. I like to get a comment on my images as that means the person seeing the image has related to it in some way. (Except those that want to follow for follow) Related enough to more than just hit a button to say they like the image. Now looking at some of the likes I have it becomes apparent that they just look at the image and say “that’s nice” hit like and move on. Now I have no objection to having my ego massaged in this way but what does it really mean. Some of my best-liked images have been average, to say the least.  This raises another question.

Are my standards too high? I am judge Jury and executioner with my images and some of the ones that get passed over do nothing for me. But now I ask should they be included and if so why. And, by whose standards are they any good?

Moving Forward

Before we start a photography business, and, during its tenure, we should all be striving to get the very best images we can.  Not allowed to take anything for granted or worse run on autopilot. Certainly not settle for that will do. There should a constant yearning to develop and improve our craft both behind the camera and the computer. I consider that putting myself into difficult situations and learning how to work it is a good starting point. I was once told that a well-experienced manager is one who has been in a number of difficult situations and can see how they were handled in the past and use that information to solve the current one. This is the same in photography the more we challenge ourselves the better we become as that experience develops. There is no substitute for practice.

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