December 13, 2021

Sunset over Great Ouse Cambridgeshire


The last embers of daylight are sitting just under the horizon. The sunset is lighting up the oncoming evening with a sullen red glow. Only a few moments ago a firestorm had swept across the sky sunlight blasted its way over the low clouds igniting the sky into a feast of reds and oranges. It changes so quickly. From the subtle pinks and purples to this amazing spectacle to the dying embers then darkness finally creeps over us, and we wait for another few hours and the following dawn.

During this time of fire and storm, the trees light up taking on the golden hues of the setting sun. These light up the landscape even to the tips of the ripples on the surface of the river. Everything is bathed in a soft warm glow.


The landscape changes for a brief period and this changes every day. Sometimes this is obscured because of clouds or rain. Sometimes there are no clouds, and the sun descends into a golden ball, a haze of colour that diminishes as the sun moves further away from the horizon.

Darkness seems to slide in where the light had gone.


There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the dark. It’s a more mysterious time. The half-light gives rise to imagined things that are just on the edge of vision. As sight goes noises become far more apparent and, a little more difficult to explain. Animals that are rarely seen during the day come out and the faint rustle of leaves with the 2 red dots bring the night to life in a way that might have come straight from a horror movie.

The change from light to dark and vice versa is a natural progression. The world turns and the sun goes down. It, sort of, shrugs as if to say, “that’s how it is”. We put all our own fantasies and stories over the top of it. The day is good, and the night is bad. The night is time to shut the doors to keep things away and protect ourselves from the unseen.

I know, scientifically, how, and why we have a sunset and sunrise, what gives rise to the explosion of colour that rips its way across the sky. That gives us a free light show every day, weather permitting. But this does not take away from the magic of the moment.

Those glorious moments.



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