Tips of a different type

May 24, 2021

Some Tips for you to try


1)Don’t zoom, walk. It is very easy to get into the habit of zooming the lens to get things “right” but how about walking and seeing if you can get something better.

2) Use Depth of field. Where are you concentrating your viewers’ attention? How will you direct their gaze to where you want it? By using depth of field, you can isolate things within the frame to accentuate the part where you want them to look. This seems counter-intuitive with landscapes but too often we are told to get the whole image sharp. Why?

3)Work with a prime lens. Following on from above stick a prime lens on and move.

4)How well do you know your camera? To be honest, I don’t know everything about mine, but all the controls I need I know where they are and what they do, and I can use them in the near dark.

5)Do not rely on photoshop. The best image you can put into your computer will yield the best results so always try to get it as near to right in-camera as possible. Goes back to learning your hobby/trade.

6)Ask yourself why something worked and why something didn’t. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

7)Does the image tell the story you want it to tell? If not see point 6

8)Go out with your camera. It goes without saying the best shots will always be at the time you don’t take your camera. You can only take images when you have it with you. Any camera is good though don’t be constrained by DSLR use your phone as well.

9)Change the time of day you go out. The different position of the sun will give a different feel to the image. Bear in mind I work outdoors 90% of the time so the position of the sun can make a massive difference. Indoors change the position of the lights until they light the subject in a way that tells the best story.

10)Don’t do honey pot sites. Why get a copy when you can get something original?

11) Enjoy


Thank you so much for reading this I hope you have found them a different set of tips. Please feel free to comment or otherwise or add your own tips as well. If you want to have a look at my work it can be found HERE


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