What AM I doing?

February 12, 2019

In just over a week I will be starting the asscent of Mnt Kilimanjaro. The highest free standing mountain in the world.

On one hand It is a really exciting time, after all who would not be excited at climbing to the roof of Africa and all the challenges that it will bring. On the other however there is a huge degree of anxiety.

Let me explain further. This is no simple summer walk up a mountain. This is a seriously high Mountain at 5900 meters it is 2/3 the high of Everest, and the anxiety starts with my fitness.

Yes I have been training, walking upwards of 20 miles most weekends for the past 4 months even done this with a rucksack, I do plenty of walking anyway, even visited the Gym, but am I fit enough to walk everyday up hill for 4 1/2 days.

Altitude Sickness. Perhaps my biggest fear, how will this affect me is there anything I could do about it. It affects everyone to a greater or lesser extent and to ignore it is dangerous but it is a massive factor. Perhaps if I had trained more it may not effect me as much, who knows, Walk slowly and give my body rest on the way up, even then I may not make it.

Diamox, should I take it should I leave it, how will it help? Even with the research I have done still not sure about this drug. I may be stupid but not taking it until I am pescribed it by a doctor after all I may not need it and that is a good thing.

Equipment. I have been over this so so many times. Have I got the right gear, will my sleeping bag be warm enough, have I got enough snacks, what about water, are my boots OK is my puffa jacket any good, how many fleeces should I take. the list is endless, the answers are in short supply as it is all one long line of I just don’t know.

I don’t know if I am fit enough, how altitude will effect me, Whether I should take drugs. In fact there is so much I dont know about this trip and I think this is the issue I dont know what will happen, how I will react to anything I will encounter. There are just SO many unknowns. All I do know is I fly there and start walking and 6 days later celebrate so take each day at a time and enjoy(?) the experience.

If only it were so easy

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