August 30, 2021

Every month I get a list of figures from the guy who looks after my website. It shows who has been visiting what they have looked at and how long they have stayed on it. Raw figures telling me the what the how long but not the why.

I presume that people are visiting for a reason but cannot find what they are looking for and it comes to mind that maybe this is a vanity exercise for me. Just having a site to tell people about me and that’s as far as it goes.

I have pages of notes and how and what makes a good landscape photo. My son, who runs a marketing business produces all sorts of statistics for me telling me what is happening but next to every report and piece of information I have written a simple question. Why?

Why do people visit my website and more importantly what can I do to get them to buy from me, or at least get them to come back and read this blog look at the images? It is too easy to say I want to sell my images but what do I do to make people want them. The last piece I wrote was about putting a story into images and giving them passion. It extends beyond this though. What do I give to my customers? To coin a phrase. What is my why?

Why? Such a simple question.

I am currently listening to Spartacus and Phrygia. I love this piece of music on so many levels. It connects me to my youth and family, watching the Onedin Line. My love of the sea the memories and emotions it evokes. The mental images it brings with it, both from the ballet and the images I have of the Gorch Foch under full sale ploughing her way through a heavy sea. I can hear the sea, the wind through the rigging and the seagulls wheeling overhead. I can taste the spray and feel the untamed sea beneath my feet, the constant movement of the ship.

This is why I listen to this piece of music. Any piece of music will have a response on some level or other. So why would you come back to my website? Why would you like a piece of work I produce?


So, I have a question. Why do you like the work you like and watch the videos you watch? I am genuinely interested to find out. Please leave a comment below. What do you look for, How does it make you feel? What makes you go back?


Thank you for reading this far If you want to see my work it can be found HERE






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