April 27, 2018

Sat here, now, in the dry and in the warmth of an all but brief burst of sunshine it is easy to forget how much we go through in Landscape Photography. The rain, snow, fog wind and cold all prey on our stamina, as well as our mental toughness and it, could be all too easy to sit inside and moan. However, when we are out in the weather, and let’s face it the best images come at strange times of day and in the seemingly most inclement weather you have to ask

“Why do we do this?” 

Why do I do it? I can’t speak for others, they will have their own reasons.

I love making pictures, that is the simple answer I love being outdoors with my camera making pictures and to be honest the amount of rubbish I produce that is never seen by anyone that sits on my hard drive just cluttering things up and taking up valuable space which I just keep to remind myself of what a great day it was. I love the hiking, the feeling of setting off each time the knowing where I am going the expectation of what I will see and experience while I am walking. Couple with this the overall sense of freedom I get when I get away from the house. The release from the pressures of work and family. Suddenly I am on my own and responsible just for me.

Does that sound selfish? it’s not meant to. It is how it is.

I love weather. I have no problem walking in rain wind of snow. It’s just so much fun. Its never to hot as it is in the sun. If it’s raining I put waterproofs on and just carry on. If its cold I find gloves.

One step on from this is the getaway feeling. Most days I sit driving from point A to point C and notice all sorts of stuff and wish I could be there. Take today 200 miles of Suffolk countryside. gently rolling hills, and I mean gentle, with splashes of colour on them. The yellow rapeseed just coming into flower. The green of the trees that somehow seems a little more vibrant in the rain. The clouds. How the sea forms patterns around the stones on the beach. All of these things conspire to take me away from what I am supposed to be doing and make me wish I did this full time.


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