Peaceful moments

October 11, 2021
Peaceful Moments and the sun rises over the Great Ouse
Late winter sunrise

The white noise of the sluice, a rumbling hiss is drowning out the noise of the road and provides the perfect backdrop to a peaceful moment. The dark waters of the river undulate softly catching the light the surface covered with small patches of foam which drift slowly along with the current until they dissipate further down the course.


The summer visitors have flown south leaving sparrows and wagtails in their place. The world seems quieter. It may be the time of year, or it may be the empty skies over the river where I am sitting today. Just more peaceful than normal.

Life goes on, boats are still cruising up and down the river the wakes rippling up against the shore, making the reeds sway back and forth. Walkers are still out and about, and children shout, scream, and laugh. Dogs still plunge into the river chasing after sticks


There is a certain lushness about the area a richness in colour to the trees, grasses, and plants. The greens have a huge range and are darker than normal and all carry the slight reddish tinge to them that suggests that autumn is on the way.

As if to prove a point the clumps of Tansey. Vibrant yellow a couple of weeks ago now just a dirty brown flower head with the foliage dying back rapidly leaving dark stems bending under their own weight.


Sitting further along the bank the countryside has a feeling of relief after the mad dash of the harvest. Getting this store of fruit and grain in. The bushes are laden with berries it feels like a huge sigh and is now sitting back and retreating waiting for the long dark of winter. 


How do you capture a mood, a feeling? Lying back on the banks of the river, I have my phone playing some classical music. The clouds roll slowly overhead being driven by the winds. While the Willows on the other side of the river show the underside of their leaves. A sign of rain? Once more my thoughts turn to how do I capture this. How do I show how peaceful and chilled out the riverbank is at this time, or anytime, of year.

Not now! It’s too nice an afternoon for that. Just lie back watch the clouds and get lost in the moment.

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