The River at Dawn

June 28, 2021

The river that is 5 minutes from my house has always had a problem. There is a constant rumbling his that I had presumed was from the town bypass. This is not the case. The noise comes from a sluice that I have to walk past.  Bit of a “doh” moment there.

At 4.30 am on a Sunday morning there is little or no traffic about. So, it became apparent that I have been wrong. That the cascading water was considerably noisier than I had ever thought.

Enough of this. Did you realise the birds start the dawn chorus about 30 mins before sunrise? Something else I noticed over the last week. They were still noisy at the time I went out. The crows in particular were clamouring away getting their young sorted, it may have been the young sorting the parents. What surprised me more was the heavy dew my footprints being clear in the grass.

I want to say the dark brooding waters of the river moved slowly but that is not true. It is still high and moving quite quickly with little whirlpools forming on the surface, carrying debris and detritus along with it. What I can say is there was a light mist clinging to the surface, which was cold and grey, the sun still being below the horizon.

Terns were starting their patrol of the river in a constant search for fish and a murmuration of starlings flew overhead. All to the rumble of the sluice.

There is a bend in the river which I have spoken about before. It’s a quiet spot with a small beach. It is a perfect place to stop and is only about 15/20 minutes from my house. I waited for the sun to come up. The sky gradually changed from a pale blue tinged with pink to a deeper blue with reds and yellows.

The landscape changed as well with the tops of trees being kissed by the red of the early morning sun. AS the sun rose this gradually covered the rest of the tree until the tips of the grasses were painted in this colour.

The mist transformed picking up the colour of the sun changing from the cold grey to fire coloured smoke across the surface of the river. The duck and her ducklings became silhouettes floating in the harmless blaze.

I don’t know if I am fortunate, blessed or spoilt for having this so close to my house. The chance to step off the rat race, to regain my perspective, even if it is only for 5 minutes. I do know that I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to escape. To revel in the majesty of the outdoors to be able to hold replay and recapture the mood of the moment.

Grateful for the life that I have.


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