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The Small Stuff

      Recently there has been an advert on TV I cannot remember who it was for, but they said to look for and enjoy the small stuff. It is those bits you will remember. The big bits will come but the small bits are where it is at. Dawn I love the dawn. The gradual eruption of light cascading across the landscape. The colours and the different hues of those colours make for a spectacular show every time I witness it. But...
September 6, 2021 No Comments

A Layered Landscape

A Layered landscape I am stood in the gateway of a field in Essex, near to Epping Forest. The landscape is spread out before me. It catches my thoughts and once more I exult in being alive. This is so beautiful. This is different from fenland; this landscape undulates with hills. The countryside rolls away from me shadows being cast in the valleys and dips. The constant question now is “what lies behind?” Hedgerows and trees...
November 16, 2020 No Comments