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I Miss it

  Earlier this year my life took a fundamental change. For medical reasons I was, and still am unable to get outside. Get to the places I love. While I can still drive, I cannot walk any distance so the ease of popping off along the river just to escape and revel in the natural world has ceased. I have written before about taking stuff for granted and now it appears that is exactly what I was doing. Taking stuff for granted...
December 20, 2021 No Comments


Winter This is a different winter to all of the previous ones I have known. Right now, as I write this, we are in our third lockdown, trips out are curtailed. Just left with the walk along the river, which is not how I wanted to start the year. Not only this the sky is a monotone grey not particularly good for photography, no contrast. I love winter there is a silence to the landscape which is only punctuated by bird calls. Yes, you can hear...
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