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I Miss it

  Earlier this year my life took a fundamental change. For medical reasons I was, and still am unable to get outside. Get to the places I love. While I can still drive, I cannot walk any distance so the ease of popping off along the river just to escape and revel in the natural world has ceased. I have written before about taking stuff for granted and now it appears that is exactly what I was doing. Taking stuff for granted...
December 20, 2021 No Comments


I am not far from my car. Lying on a recently felled pine tree, in amongst other trees, looking at the light grey sky through new leaves and branches hoping that the rain will hold off just a little longer. It’s a moment of peace. One of many that I have had today. Away from the clamour and confusion of modern life. I do not even have a mobile signal. It is just me and the silence that is punctuated by birds and the occasional squirrel...
June 14, 2021 No Comments