Alien worlds

April 19, 2021


Today was a grey day. Not bad. just the unrelenting sea of grey of the clouds. They were loaded with the promise of rain that did not come. What this does is diffuses the light. A huge softbox from above. There is no contrast, normally I would go to the forest or woods but this being lockdown and unable to drive as a result I walked to the reserve with my macro lens. I found that we can see an alien world on our doorstep.

It was bought several years ago and used about once a year. It’s a nice lens, performs ok, particularly with a tripod. Not so well handheld. We are about to enter an alien world. Weird shapes and things not quite as they seem and taken out of context. All of which is great fun and time-consuming. One minute it’s 2.30 the next it’s nearly 5 and I still have a 2.5-mile hike back home. At least it’s getting dark later. Even so, I wish I had my head torch with me, just in case, no, I actually need it.

Quiet and mud

There is a part of the reserve that goes very quiet at all times of the day. No noise except the birds and the trees. It’s nice walking there you can lose yourself for a bit. Just concentrate on the area and the making of images. However, this is very, very muddy at the moment. There is something about mud and me. I’m like a magnet for it or vice versa. Either way if is some there I can find it.

So, in the past two trips out recently I have moved away from traditional landscape photography and moved more into shapes. These can be shadows against the floor or road to the more bizarre shapes of lichens on trees. The latter providing some really interesting and unusual images like the one above. I was hoping to find a different word, but alien serves it a little too well.

Mosses and Lichens

It’s nice to see a rain forest in the nook of a log. Passed by on a daily basis trying to see big pictures when all I had to do was look a little closer. Apparently, there are over 1000 species of moss in the UK and 20000 world-wide. Along with 70 species of Lichen in the UK. I wish I knew more about them all. But I have enough issues with wildflowers and clouds.

However, I do know one thing. Without greenspaces, without all the flora and fauna our lives would be so much smaller and a lot less interesting.

When I walk along the river on one side, I have the town and its bypass which carries about 2.5k cars per hour. On the other, this bubble of silence with birdsong and the breeze. One side chaos and confusion as people rush around trying to get things on the other peace and quiet and the day-to-day struggle of basic existence of food.

I know which I prefer and where I would prefer to be.

Thank you for reading, it’s a little disjointed I know but if you want to have a look at some images from today my Instagram account is HERE

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