Another Dawn, Another day

December 21, 2020

Early Morning

Sometimes it is just the act of getting up to capture the dawn that is all you need. The quiet of the early morning, the way your breath mists in the chill air. The crunch of fallen leaves beneath your feet. You want to stay in bed, but the lure of the outdoors is stronger, and you find yourself walking in a half-light towards an empty field.

Today is no different complete with all the above; plus the mist. That light low lying mist the moves slowly around you. It glistens on the grass. Moistens your boots and trousers. Not quite wet but not quite dry. It softens everything around.

Where it is dense the trees become opaque shapes, not formless but indistinct, a shadow in the gloom. Hedges lose their definition and become long black shapes next to a washed-out area.

This is nice but not why I am here although, it will add a certain quality to my shots. No longer crisp and sharp but soft, blended, the clarity is gone. Objects ghost-like.


What it does do is provide beautiful light rays as the low sun comes through tree branches and cause shadows in the mist. Where the sun comes through the branches the mist picks up the early morning colours and brings a vibrancy to the shot.

A long shot along the river and the mist glows in the golden light. Swans raise themselves up stretching and flapping their wings in preparation for the day ahead and just as quickly settle down again, with a few final shakes and twists to get everything settled into place.

I am a passive observer, my camera recording the events as they happen a fraction of a second at a time. The river doesn’t care, it just moves on its slow and steady journey to the sea as it has done for millennia. Another Dawn, the sun comes up and the night retreats once more, another day has started.

Shots from this morning and other dawns are on my Instagram feed which can be found HERE






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