August 17, 2020


Here we are in the 8th month of the year. August. A month of lazy hot days gentle evenings and the incessant creep towards Autumn.

August marks the start of my favourite time of year. Always has been, a time of plenty, the harvest coming in. the nights starting to draw in. Time for a beer, (or whatever your drink is) next to a roaring fire. Or sitting outside listening to the roosting birds by subtle evening light. Gatherings of friends around a BBQ in the warm evenings.

I love the way the low sun hits the top of the reeds as they move in the wind. The long shadows that are cast over the fields. Not red and warm as later in the year but a little harsher until the sun finally dips. Fish leap chasing low flying midges and flies. The clouds scurry overhead and all you can hear is the hiss of the wind blowing the reeds.

Dawn is a little later. Not the 3.30 rise but closer to 4.30 am now. Much more interesting with a greater chance of low-lying mist. With some nice clouds to offset the sun.

The river still runs through my life and as the seasons change so does the river, bursting with life and flowers not 2 months ago, crab apples and blackberries are in abundance.

Hay has been cut dried and bailed for the winter leaving new growth to be eaten by the cows that are there now. In due course to go indoors and leave the field empty. Soon the riverside revellers will go and quiet will descend once again to the fields.

August is still warm but has the first hints of chill particularly late at night or at dawn, just a nip in the air. Soon the harvest will be gathered safely stored for the coming winter, the fields readied for a new crop.


To me, August marks the beginning of the change from Sumer to winter. Autumn is by far and away my favourite season, but I will write about that later.

Now I have a question

Are you part of the world around you or just a visitor? Do you feel the changing of the seasons coursing through you or is it just “Getting colder”?


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