A Clifftop, There is nothing quite like it

October 05, 2020

A Clifftop Walk

A coastal clifftop path, on one side there are the rolling North York Moors with the beauty and bleakness that comes along with them. On the other the North Sea.

The wind comes off the sea and flows up the cliff catching the hair and clothing blowing them about. The wind is the sort of clean wind that blows through you and takes away the dirt and cares of the world. The gulls and other sea birds glide effortlessly, mournfully shrieking and crying in the breeze.

Below, the sea rolling in and out white foam tips to the tops of the waves. It effervesces throwing up plumes of foamy spray as it crashes against the rocks. Eating away a little more of the cliff in an ongoing battle of land vs sea. You can see all the strata of past ages in rock revealed by new landslides and in other places grass tries to reclaim the land for itself in the age-long struggle which the sea will eventually win.


The rain is late, but you can see it in the distance. The low cloud base, a grey shroud that envelopes the coast in a clammy embrace. The question arises how wet do we want to get? In the wind, it will be cold.

The drop in visibility is the key. Too many people get lost in the fog, easy on the moors, it is a real danger but here, there is a clear path so not so likely. Keep the sea to the right and don’t fall off the cliff. Maybe not certain death but very painful.

We turn back. Stopping for coffee next to a foghorn that ceased working in 1850. An interesting backdrop the huge black horns a somber reminder of their past. The weather is closing in rain is coming. Time to move on.


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