Some Demons

January 18, 2021

Some Demons to excise

Joe turns up with his iPhone or Samsung stands for about 10 mins walks off and when you look at his Instagram feed later he has images that you would kill for. Then it starts

I’m not good enough: –

By whose standards

My equipment is rubbish: –

Really? So, your expensive DSLR with a huge sensor and processor is worse than a phone. I know phones are very capable these days, but I still prefer a camera that I can control with a big sensor.

Joe always makes better images: –

Use Joe as an example of where you could be, not as a comparison as to how good you are. You might have been doing this for a couple of years and Joe for 10 there will be a difference.

I don’t have the right gear: –

Use what you have and get better. Tripods and filters don’t make the photo. Neither does the most expensive camera.

I never seem to get the breaks: –

Put yourself into the position where you can. I used to ask myself why I could get up at 6.30 and drive 2 hours to see a customer for someone else but not get up and walk for 20 mins to do something I really enjoy.

I’m no good at this: –

No one ever starts up as a fully-fledged, competent person in their chosen profession. But for some reason photography is different. You are told that if you buy this camera and gear you will produce stunning shots and be competition winners from the start. This simply isn’t the case. I would use the phrase I’m no good at this at the moment. Get out, practice, look at your failures. Understand why they went wrong. Correct them for next time, and if someone says your work is rubbish, get them to qualify what is wrong with the image and why they feel they can comment on the shot.

It is easy to let these demons into your mind and they can have a serious effect on your ability to produce good work. They lead to self-doubt. Make no mistake self-doubt is a killer it makes you question everything and not in a good way.

You need to practice, learn from your mistakes. Move forward.


My Instagram feed is HERE Please comment as you see fit good or bad. I am happy for you to pick as many holes in my work as you like. They are lessons.


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