It’s all different now

November 23, 2020

It’s all different now

For the first time in three months, I am up before the sun walking to my favourite spot on the river. There is still the huge question of why I can get up early and drive for 2 hours to see customers for my day job but not, it seems, get up early and walk for 15 minutes to get some dawn shots.

What do I mean by its all different now? Its how the countryside feels. Or, more correctly how it makes me feel. Part of me says it is reflecting my mood, quiet and withdrawn this morning, but part of me says it’s the opposite.

I am rarely if ever, presented with time to do what I love and enjoy. Getting out into the countryside with no constraints just to make images. To engage with the image-making process and be part of the countryside, open to what is happening around me rather than just a visitor.

I have always been actively aware of the seasons and the gradual changes that take place through the year but this year I have a far keener appreciation of them. They have been thrown into sharp relief and the changes are much more apparent and slower than in other years.


March and April. The joys of spring. Life starting to burst out flowers starting to bloom a rebirth

May and June. The fruits staring to grow flowers slowly falling away, later nights and earlier sunrise

July August. Crops ripening harvest starting; long lazy days, warm evenings and late nights.

September. Harvest is done crops gathered but there is a subtler change the nights have an edge to them now and they are getting shorter. Sunrise is a little later. It has the feel of things starting to close down for the winter. Sometimes summer goes on a bit, but by

October. Things are very different now. We know that winter is on the way. Autumn has come. The leaves are starting to change colour from green to reds russets and yellows. Mists are starting to form low lying on the fens swirling and eddying bringing a dampness to whatever they touch. It all seems muted and quiet.

When you are outside of this it all seems to happen so quickly March to October in a flash. One day basking in the hazy sun the next pulling the curtains to keep the night out.

This is a shame for all those that don’t venture out at this time of year, early or late. There are some fantastic photographic opportunities to be had. The colour pallet changes. The light is lower and warmer offering rich tones. The mist softens things and makes a harsh composition ethereal. Bear trees offering the stark patterns of their now denuded branches.

If you don’t take photos you can still walk and kick up fallen leaves as you go. You can watch your breath steam in the cold, then get back close the curtains. Feet up in front of the fire relishing your life, thinking about what was, is and will be.

I have some autumn shots on my Instagram feed which can be found HERE





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