An Escape

October 26, 2020


As I write this I am on the North York Moors and today as you read this it is just a fading memory of cliff top walks and Moorland expanse to escape into.

No doubt about this, it is an escape from modern life. This was made clearer by a couple from London who were horrified at the lack of a cellphone signal. Oh, Horror you can’t speak to the office for a day!

There are 2 aspects here.

The constant connectivity of technology the bings and rings that indicate yet another email or instant message has arrived. Or yet another telephone call reminding us of things that should /need to be done this instant. They follow you around like a faithful dog, demanding attention but not in a good way. More of “do this now I am in control way”. Not the comforting fuss me and fall asleep on your lap. More the tail wagging the dog.

It was funny to watch the guests at the B&B sat at breakfast tables all staring intently at their phones hearing the snatches of conversations with invisible people at the other end while partners sat looking into space. Then the look of frustration as the signal strength dipped and all the phones were cut off.

I am not anti-technology. This is being written on a Mac. I have iPhone and iPad and am connected by very high-speed internet, but it is nice to escape. The question I have is, do we actually know how to use it at the moment, or are we just an oversight in the constant upgrades to make our lives quicker and more connected.

The connectivity is a good thing but let’s just turn it off for a while. Let’s have a space to clear heads and escape from work and the constant demands that are placed on us. We spend far too much time glued to our devices forgetting everything else including our partners.

It’s not only this constant connectivity but getting away from work. Escaping from the stress and getting space to breathe and taking good quality time out. This is important. All devices need to be disconnected from time to time to avoid burnout. We are no different.

Getting Out

Going out into the countryside and enjoying it, with time. Time to see and watch the changes that take place over a long period. This was brought to clear focus by the LockDown and latterly by someone recounting watching a bug climb a wall. The amazement this person had looking at it. Almost like seeing it for the first time, I know they had, but in the never-ending demands of running a business and the incessant connectedness, they had totally forgotten where they had come from. Worse, that this bug even existed.

I read this morning that there are moves to get people back into offices rather than working from home. My fear is that the people in charge feel they are losing control as people suddenly realise there is more to life than sitting is an artificial light 10 hours a day and missing their children growing up.

The second point.

I have mentioned before quiet. Waking up to no road noise. That never-ending rumble from my local dual carriageway. Redesigned to carry more goods quicker and more efficiently while trampling over the natural world with little favour or care to anything else except the growth of the economy and the rape of the natural world.

Bugger extinction or falling biodiversity we need this load tomorrow by 10 or we will lose the order. But we are losing so much more! I know it’s a cliché but are we all just cogs in a machine that are not allowed, or unable to question things for fear of being placed on a watch list and branded as a trouble maker for wanting a brief respite in the ceaseless march forward to a barren future where the natural world is just a curiosity and wildlife is only to be seen behind bars in our over sanitized, germ-free, clean and sterilized world.

Before you raise your hands in disgust that another person is voicing concerns. Disgust that we should look more carefully at the spread of the internet. Spread of habitat destroying infrastructure to get growth. Disgust that anyone should get in the way and question. If you are happy with all this then that is fine you carry on. You enjoy your empty life full of targets and what you must do. You get the next target. Diabetes, heart attacks, and all the other stress-induced illnesses.


Part of my escape is into the countryside to make images of the land that I love. This has to go onto Instagram. So does this make me a hypocrite? Yes and No. The title is an Escape and that’s what is important. So I turn my phone to mute ignore the constant buzz and turn my camera on. Vanish into the wilderness.


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