Grit in my boot

December 14, 2020

Grit in my boot

Its late but still dark as I stumble around my house gathering clothes, boots, and camera. All done while trying not to wake up my wife.

Its 6 am which in fairness is not that early compared with the summer months but the sun comes up in 40 minutes and I have a 20-minute walk to get to my preferred location. Fortunately, by the time I get out, it’s just getting light enough to see without a headtorch.

My camera is always in the same place batteries charged and an empty card so its grab and go. This isn’t the same as staying up until 3.30. The later hour means I get some sleep just have to get up. It does, however, give me the excuse of not going out. Looking out of the window while half asleep trying to assess the conditions and if it’s worth going out. Do I need that extra hour of sleep?

Boots? Where are they? I left them outside last night. Why did I do that? Now faced with the question are they wet, it rained heavily last night. I feared the worse and got the best, they were dry.

The short walk was marred by a piece of grit in my boot jabbing to my foot. Do I stop?  Get rid of it and potentially miss the best time or stop and walk in comfort? I choose the latter. The sun comes up later today it’s about 7.15 am as a result more noise, more traffic, more people about. More people starring as I undo my boot and tip out the offending piece of grit.

The track to the river is basically a mud path this time of year particularly with the rain we have been having. Fortunately, it is covered by a layer of fallen leaves so not up to my ankles but still sticky and slippery. Made worse in the half-light of pre-dawn.

Turn round

Arriving at my location it felt flat, grey clouds were rolling in and the impending sunrise just an orange glow to the east under the clouds.  I know some people like to lock in on a composition and focus on that I prefer to be more flexible and I turn round.

Somehow the sun was lighting up some clouds to the west with gorgeous pinky mauve colours. This took my attention and I nearly missed the main show. The clouds had moved a bit, but the rain was falling somewhere to the east, not on me, which was good. The sun was hitting the rain with an orange-red bringing it to life. In essence, this was a slow falling curtain of red just stunning. I need to see these images, but I don’t look. I try to wait until I get them onto the computer.

The walk back was slower, some trees with the early morning sun just kissing the tops branches causing them to have a warm glow. Some images just because.

Just because they were there


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