November 30, 2020


It’s Funny how easily you slip back into habits. During the last lockdown, I was up at stupid o’clock to capture the dawn. During the intervening months, this has slipped. Primarily because I get too tired during the week to get up early. But today; today I was up predawn. Not 3.30 am but 6.15. Out walking with my head torch showing the way down a muddy leaf strew path. Aiming for my favourite haunt.

Today was absolutely stunning from the first moment I saw the riverbank right up until the time I left about 1.5 hours later.


The mist was rolling in and out over the field and centred on the river. It streamed like smoke along the water up and over the bank. Then, it stopped and flowed the other way. At one stage it was thick and clinging making everything wet. In places, there were patches of frost. This was most apparent on the raised humps in the field. Small patches of white adhering to the same side across the whole field then the mist would roll back in and everything would be covered again.

It was not as quiet as 6 months ago. Car noise intruded on the silence but not enough to hide the thrumming hiss that went overhead. Not sure what this was until I saw about 200 starlings flying, leaving their roost. This happened twice the second group being smaller in size but no less noisy.

The other difference was the number of birds flying around. Back in the summer, there were very few, they seemed more content to sit and sing. Now they were active. It may be the later time or the desperate need for food either way the diversity was good.

The sun silently made its appearance. The slow march of time evident in the rise of the red globe in the east that slowly moved upwards changing colour as it did so. This still needs a fanfare. It’s just so epic to watch.


I have to be honest at this time I am getting a dawn addiction. I am never disappointed and the photographic opportunities it offers are superb. From the explosion of colour in the sky to sunlit rays of light through trees, each one has its own special feeling. I did get caught out this morning. It was colder than I thought. I was wearing a down jacket which was fine for me but my camera getting back inside had a fine film of condensation on it. Must take more care next time.

The issue I have is not kit care I just forget that at times. bad habits. But how do I capture the rapture that I feel sitting by the river at dawn? The sheer joy and happiness of being next to the river at that time of day. Particularly when the mist is there and the sun shimmers through it.

So, the first day of the 2nd lockdown has started extremely well. While I will be working part-time It still gives me loads of opportunities to get out and photograph, and enjoy the fantastic outdoors that surrounds us.


If you want to see some of my dawn images they can be found HERE




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