I Miss it

December 20, 2021

Passing storm at Wells Next Sea


Earlier this year my life took a fundamental change. For medical reasons I was, and still am unable to get outside. Get to the places I love. While I can still drive, I cannot walk any distance so the ease of popping off along the river just to escape and revel in the natural world has ceased.

I have written before about taking stuff for granted and now it appears that is exactly what I was doing. Taking stuff for granted because I was able just to walk a few minutes and enjoy the outdoors. It was an integral part of my life. Now it has been curtailed.

I miss it.

There are a couple of questions What do I miss and why. I look at a typical, winter walk. The cold wet driving rain, sleeting into my face, the wind hacking through pretty much any clothing I have. Arriving back home cold wet and bedraggled. Water running down my clothes into my boots and my hair plastered down over my skull. How could you enjoy that walk? Why! Do you enjoy this sort of walk? What possible enjoyment is there in getting to this state?

It’s not the physical state but the state of mind. The sense of escape and freedom. Billy Connelly once said “It’s not bad weather it’s wrong clothes” I have stood by this since I heard it because it is right. Good waterproofs in wet weather keep you dry. So, let’s re-look at the arrival home.

Waterproof jacket guaranteed to be waterproof with a huge hood, being windproof as well keeps you dry and out of the wind. Layers help to keep you warm. So no plastered hair no water-soaked clothing and warm. Leggings that run over the top of the bots stop water from running into them and keep feet warm and dry.

So, I arrive at home dry, and relatively warm. The only bit that is really missing is the roaring fire and feet up with a beer once I get settled. I miss those walks. Yes, it’s silly. No there is no one else about. Yes, you can get cold. Yes, it is fun.

Poor weather is a fundamental part of life. Snow, ice, fog and rain are all there, You cannot avoid them better to embrace them and get out rather than sitting around feeling lost and miserable.

Ah yes, I hear you say but what about the nice summers evening with the setting sun and the gentle breeze. True. Easy walks are fun as well and it is possible to get carried away on days like these and walk further than you intended.

A typical walk for me on these days could be 10 12 or even 14 miles. Taking breaks, just sitting by the river, coast, or simply resting under the canopy of a wood and watching the world go by. Equally fun.

This is about escapism. Escape of the rat race and getting into a simple world again. Leaving behind the cares of chasing money, position, better cars phones and computers and getting back to just getting out there and being. At that moment at that time. Good for the soul.

I miss it.

I miss the rain more than anything. In the evening just listening to the rainfall, hitting the window

I miss the simple life and getting away from people who only really want you for what you can do for them. (Most people don’t even realise they only contact you when they want something).

I miss the birds, bats, and rabbits. The simple things. Angry sparrows, upset geese, startled herons. I miss the swallows and martins.

I miss the sound of water. Bubbling over rocks, the rattle and hiss as pebbles are drawn back over the shingle on the beach, as the water cascades over the sluice.

But most of all I miss the sound of silence. It’s not silence but it is at the same time. The hiss of the wind as it moves through the reeds. The rustle of the leaves in the hedges and during winter those same hedges make a different noise. The howl of the wind in cables overhead or through the fencing. The jet-like roar of wind in the trees.


Did I take it for granted? Yes, I did because it was so easy to get these things. Now I can’t While I really appreciated them when I had them now I want them back, so badly, sometimes it hurts.

I miss it and I am going back!


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